DJ Vin aka Vineet Korpal becomes the best-selling author with his book ‘How To Overcome A Pandemic As A Musical Artist’

Dj Vin Vineet Korpal

In just a few months, the COVID-19 pandemic has disrupted the lives of many people across the globe. It has brought a significant change and people have lately upgraded their skills while working from home. Popular music artist DJ Vin aka Vineet Korpal amidst the pandemic has added the skill of writing as he turned author with the book, ‘How To Overcome A Pandemic As A Musical Artist’. Hailing from Toronto, Canada, Vineet always had a passion for music and he went on to achieve success with hits like ‘Until We Make It’, ‘Off The Lot’ and ‘In My Zone’.

The book was released recently on Amazon store and it is already topping the charts in many categories like musician biographies and music e-books. The book is available as a paperback as well as the kindle edition on the e-commerce website. With his debut book, the 26-year old became the best selling author as his book went #1 on hot new releases. While the pandemic has made everyone restless sitting at home, Vineet’s book has turned out to be a ray of hope and which is motivation many individuals especially the musical artists.

He says, “The current situation of the coronavirus crisis has made things difficult for the musical artists. It not only hampered financial stability but even the creativity and productivity of the artists saw a downfall. It inspired me to write this book and help my fellow musicians by providing tips to stay strong during the pandemic. I have shared all my personal experiences in this book and I hope it will help artists from all walks of life to be strong during this epidemic.” Through his struggles and experiences, the young man has explained how one must stay motivated and strong in a crisis.

In such times, people like Vineet Korpal are standing like a pillar motivating all the artists from the music industry. In his music career, he has had 250,000 plus Spotify streams and has collaborated with several big artists by opening at clubs and concerts across the globe. His main goal is to promote art through different mediums and after music, the artist has rightly unleashed himself as an author. With the success of his debut book, we wish to see more works of Vineet and may he become one of the top-notch authors of the world.

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