The 18 year old self-made Millionaire – Kyle Kohanzad


Is there anyone who would disagree that teenage or adolescence are the making years of ones lifetime. During this phase, one is expected to physically transform and set course for their life. One would make friends for a lifetime, develop habits and interests that would define their lifestlyle. Having said that one seldom expects a teenager to earn and become a millionaire before turning 18 years old. Lets introduce you to Kyle Kohanzad the millionaire from Beverly Hills, California.

Kyle is best described as a prodigy for his life has been unprecedented and path breaking in multiple ways. He is a known public figure and a social media sensation due to his love for cars and his swanky personal collection. He is known for speaking his heart out even on political topics.

Kyle turned entrepreneur when he started his jewelry business at the tender age of 15. The business picked up instantly and when he turned 16, Kyle gifted himeslf a brand new Maserati and soon bought a Ford Mustang GT. Since then Kyle has turned his jewelry venture into a mammoth business clocking around USD 200,000 per month in online jewelry sales. Besides this Kyle has credentials that can put various professional investment bankers to shame.

Kyle has an eye for high rewarding investments which are usually termed as very risky bets. He has earned heavy returns time and again on relatively low investments. Kyle has been the go to person for investment advice in his circles and boasts over 20 testimonials for being instrumental in returns of over USD 100,000 each.

In one such instance, a friend of Kyle invested $50,000 on his advice and four months later had USD 550,000 based on strategic bets by Kyle. With his keen foresight, the 18 year old Kyle is soon turning into one of the most sought after investment advisors. Kyle has personally accumulated over 2 Million Dollars in the last two years through his jewelry business and smart investments.

The young millionaire is a perfect inspiration for youth worldwide and the brand ambassador for the tag line, ‘Impossible is Nothing’. We promise to keep tracking his progress and share more from his inspiring life soon.

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