Abdullah Almanna is dominating the globe and is giving some major travel goals with his work

Abdullah Almanna

The common notion or myth people have about jobs is that it becomes stagnant. While many think that they cannot make it big in their lives, Abdullah Almanna has proved everyone wrong with his work. Making dreams turn reality, he is an adage to success and fame who has achieved all the aspirations in his life. Born in 1993, he is a certified public accountant who is working with one of the Big Four accounting firms and has been on a global journey for his extraordinary work.

A firm believer of smart work and not hard work, Abdullah has not restricted his work only till the job. Being multilingual has been the biggest plus point for him as he is well-versed with many languages. While working at a firm, he simultaneously kept a tab on the latest market trends and became an active investor. With great insight into the smart investments, he started his own company called ‘Tripese’. Abdullah says, “I believe that investing and not saving is the key to become rich. The more you invest, the more returns you get. A little risk is necessary to grow and prosper in life.”

While working with Ernst & Young, this accountant travelled all over the world and he has been exploring other global destinations since then. Besides work, he is also closely working for many global causes and charitable trusts. He has earlier served for five years as a Vice President with ‘One Hand’ and worked as a supervisor for another charitable organization named ‘Give to Gain’. While performing the fundraising activities, Abdullah even travelled to Tanzania for his charitable works.

Moreover, the CPA recently earnt his Blockchain Bronze Badge which is considered as a huge thing in the field of accountancy. The accountant and the philanthropist who has travelled all over the world recently penned down a book titled ‘The Offbeat Voyager: A Guide to the world’s best travel destinations’. Different from the other travel books, Abdullah Almanna has written his travel experiences in such a way that would force any traveller to pack the bags and embark on a journey. Without any doubt, this man with varied talents is an inspiration to the younger generation today.

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