Valerie Grand’s Journey from Starting as a Hotel Receptionist to Becoming a Leading Instagram Star


While the world chases lofty ideas of success, the journey differs for each of us. People from all walks of life strive to achieve their own version of success and fulfillment. While some people are born into privilege, others begin their journeys from humble beginnings and go on to become successful. Similarly, Valerie Grand worked as a hotel receptionist and shortly after became a leading Instagram star.

Valerie Grand was born in Switzerland and harbored dreams of building a prosperous future for herself. While working with a hotel to make ends meet, she had a burning desire to leave her mark in the world. Once she discovered social media, she had found her calling. Valerie added, “Social media changed my life forever, both literally and figuratively. I melded my passion for fitness, fashion, and lifestyle with the digital space as an influencer. There was no looking back!”

Valerie has established herself as an Instagram star with a massive fan base both online and off. From collaborating with leading brands to launching her own collection, Valerie has come a long way. Valerie has built a niche for herself as an avid content creator and influencer. She covers fashion, lifestyle, and fitness. Valerie also encourages her followers to adopt a plant-based diet while also campaigning against animal cruelty. Reflecting on her journey thus far, Valerie added, “I could say I’ve made it this far by myself, but the truth is, I couldn’t have done it without my fans and followers. My success is an ode to them!”

Valerie has her eyes on the horizon with several upcoming projects. She is incredibly excited about focusing on creating meaningful content and encouraging people to lead a life on their own terms. Valerie’s journey is one of inspiration, as she often encourages her fans to follow their passions. Valerie has attained substantial success in a short period, as she continues to remain focused on her craft.

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