Topping the List of Celebrated Women Network Marketers of the World is Aurélie-Jung Moron, a Business Entrepreneur, Inspiring the World

She is a woman who fought it all but never gave up and emerged as a name synonymous with success.

Aurélie-Jung Moron

Long have we known stories of fighters in the ring, who always give their best shot even when they know they might lose the match. We have come across many such inspiring stories in our lives that in one way or the other proves the mental strength and strong will of a person who is determined to win not just in that boxing ring but in life as well. We came across one such fighter, a strong-willed woman entrepreneur who saw it all in life and emerged as an inspiration to many women out there who wish to take their first step towards carving their careers. We are talking about Aurélie-Jung Moron, a South Korean multi-talented woman who has grown up in Paris, France but is now a world global trotter.

Since the beginning, Aurelie was self-aware of her talents and her abilities to grasp any new thing quickly; this made her a multi-talented kid who knew theatre, gymnastics, dance, piano and the like. She developed a deep liking for classical music and as she grew up, she even became a classical music agent at the initial stage of her career.

Network marketing industry was something she got inclined towards later after life threw some challenging situations at her. She kept adding to her knowledge, honed her skills, which eventually took her on the path to success, becoming one of the top leaders in the same, not just in Europe, but worldwide as well.

Getting deeper into network marketing, she expanded her knowledge and merged forex and cryptocurrency education and trading with it, leading her to be on the top of her game. She joined one of the finest firms in forex and crypto trading connected to a robust digital banking system, as their business partner, and climbed the ladder to success as a woman entrepreneur.

Her mission in life today is to help people in ways more than one and raise their mindsets, wake them up to more strength, actions and determination. She wishes to work for people to unify them and create more faith in them that the mind creates the reality for them every second.

Aurelie further believes that in times like these people must let of the past and focus on creating a better future by accepting the great change brought by the pandemic by vibrating on a higher frequency and more emotional intelligence.

Hustling all through these years and grinding, Aurelie turned into a 7-figure top earner and began focusing her energy on becoming a financial educator, motivator, public speaker and a coach as she always worked with the mission to help others along her journey to help them get nearer to their financial independence.

Recently, Aurelie also founded a massive community of leaders called A.D.N Million-Ère, across the globe whom she teaches and coaches through online mediums and live events for them to achieve financial prosperity that is also powered by revolutionary banking system and a robust platform of professional traders. With her expertise as a forex trader and now an educator, she helps all the members earn a certain daily percentage with significant incomes and help them achieve their financial goals.

It is her dream in life to give people hope again and change the world for the better. Managing so many hats on her head, Aurelie proves the world that it is essential to never give up in life and keep moving forward to achieve different feats as a business professional.

To know more about Aurelie you can visit and follow her on Instagram @aureliemoron / photography ©️ charlotte melis

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