KJ VanDerwerken Setting Business Goals With His Real Estate Agency and Insurance Business

KJ VanDerwerken

Climbing up in the list of the popular entrepreneurs is KJ VanDerwerken, who is the perfect example of someone who received success through sheer hard work and passion. He has been working as an insurance agent at Movement Insurance for the past 8 years. Alongside, he also owns VanDerwerken Properties, a real estate company which he had started back in the year 2015.

Based in the most populous city of North Carolina of the United States – Charlotte, he has been leading his insurance agency in terms of sales. With over 3,100 clients and 3,700 policies, he is servicing over $3,200,000 book of personal lines business. The huge figure in such a short period of time alone speaks of his success.

Apart from the gigantic number, VanDerwerken has been hitting sales milestones every year since 2014, $700,000 being his all-time high in terms of a new personal line premium in a year. His clients range from loan officers to realtors or even common people purchasing a new home or refinancing their current home.

He has always been passionate about real estate as according to the young entrepreneur the industry has always made sense to him from an investment point of view. Taking a step ahead, he started his own real estate firm in 2015, focusing on long-term and income producing residential rental properties in Charlotte, NC. VanDerwerken currently owns 5 properties whose current value stands at $800,000 in total. 

This year, he started his latest venture called Locker Room Clt, in a partnership with a friend. It’s a curated and premium online vintage shop dedicated to providing consumers with historic sportswear and pop culture pieces. He has tried to create a one-stop destination for anyone who is interested in 80s or 90s clothing items. The business is already thriving as they are expecting a revenue of $120,000 in their very first year. 

With his expertise in the real estate industry, he has received two 30 Under 30 Business Awards in 2018. He has also been honoured with the Five Star Professional Award thrice along with the RISE Award. VanDerwerken is only rising higher everyday, setting a new benchmark for other entrepreneurs.

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