3 Proven Ways to Increase Conversions Using Funnels According to Reeve Yew

Reeve Yew

Every entrepreneur wants to see an upward spike in their sales volume. They spend thousands on marketing strategies to attract customers to buy their products. But what many entrepreneurs don’t realize is the power of funnels. 

According to Reeve Yew, the CEO & co-founder of Funnel Duo Media, funnels are essential components of your selling process. It guides your marketing efforts and business sales according to the marketing plan you chalk out, depending on your target audience’s needs and behaviors.

Boosting conversions

Reeve was only 15 when he built his first sales funnel. But he was left scratching his head because he really didn’t know what to do. The initial bottlenecks didn’t stop Reeve from studying and experimenting, though. He worked day and night to understand how funnels worked. And finally, after launching his website, Reeve discovered how to maximize the potential of funnels for businesses.

Reeve became such an expert within a short time that he co-founded Funnel Duo Media with his brother, Jackson. They not only develop sales funnels for local and international clients but also offer business consultation, create marketing strategies, and build landing pages. When it comes to increasing conversions, here are a few proven techniques that Reeve suggests:

First, try to get the email address of your site visitors. Once visitors are familiar with your business, encourage them to contribute to your website without purchasing anything. This includes sharing their email address. But why will they want to share their email if you don’t provide anything in return? Here’s how you can persuade them:

  1. Landing pages

The content in landing pages should solve specific problems of your visitors. For example, if your company offers pest removal services, your landing page should contain a brief content on how your workers would go about getting rid of the pests. Make sure the landing page includes a call to action. The entire purpose is to get the visitor’s contact information, even if it means not making a sale on his first visit.

  1. Call to action

For every page on your website, ask yourself what you want the visitor to do. Do you want them to call and make an appointment, fill out a contact form, or maybe watch an explanatory video? Decide this action prior to developing content. Reeve believes that this type of sales funnel allows the customer to decide what action to take, thus giving them the freedom to choose.

Many people may not want to call the company right away. They may want to fill out the contact form and inquire about the service. Let them have what they want. It works as long as you get their contact information.

  1. Forms

Entrepreneurs often underestimate the power of contact forms. Reeve suggests that you shouldn’t. Forms provide opportunities to add more subscribers to your list. You should also add an option to choose newsletters via email in the contact form. This keeps the visitor updated about new products and services that may encourage them to visit the website and buy a product.

Reeve’s tips have already worked wonders for many. You can increase your company’s sales volume as well by figuring out how to entice visitors into sharing their contact information, thus opening a world of possibilities for remarketing and other sales tactics.

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