Noor Holding Mother Company of ‘PEDD Official’ Sharing the Best Crude Oil Technical & Fundamental Analysis They Offer

Noor holding - Peddofficial

The majority of oil reserves in the world are in the Middle East, followed by Africa, Canada, South, and North America. Crude oil, also known as petroleum, is one of the most in-demand and actively traded commodities in the world and is highly popular with traders across the globe. It is an excellent commodity to trade on a futures contract due to the extremely active nature of the market and the potential of greater liquidity as it is the world’s largest volume-traded futures contract. Noor Holding, a Dubai-based investment company, has announced the launch of the largest oil technical & fundamental analysis in Dubai, PEDD Official, in early 2021.

PEDD (Planning and Economic Development Department) Official will facilitate traders in crude oil, gold, silver, and stocks. PEDD Official will exclusively deal with oil analysis, including fundamental and technical, and offer investors the services of professional traders to guide them with their investment and portfolio management. A vast range of services includes low commission on oil trading and discounts on high volume trading, trading flexibility, and daily insights by experts on oil prices and market-moving factors.

The volatility of crude oil prices makes it an attractive commodity for investors to speculate on. It also impacts the prices of several other commodities, including natural gas and gasoline, amongst others, and influences the prices of bonds, stocks, and currencies worldwide. Through PEDD Official, investors will be able to hedge portfolios or take advantage of volatility, with a range of crude oil futures options available.

PEDD Official will also offer the opportunity to buy shares in refinery firms and gain profit based on the company’s performance, get full voting rights, and receive dividend payments on a per-share basis. Accessibility to PEDD Official analysis extends towards trading oil with leverage and going long or short on commodities and stocks based on the financial goals and risk tolerance.

Risk management techniques are crucial in oil trading. It requires a concrete strategy to take advantage of the rewarding opportunities that crude oil offers. Financial instruments like Crude Oil Futures offered on the PEDD Official will offer direct market access to deep liquidity pools for exchange-traded futures contracts that can increase efficiencies and consolidate competitiveness through price risk management.

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