Meet Valyou Furniture, Ikea’s New Competition


For most Americans looking for low-budget furniture, Ikea is the brand that comes to mind. While the popular Scandinavian designed brand offers affordable furniture, Ikea’s selection is often limited to their Skandi style. Furthermore, with Ikea being such a massive brand that so many consumers select from, curating a stylish and unique home can become difficult when practically everyone shops at the same place. Walking into one’s home and finding a similar if not the same piece of Ikea furniture that’s in your own home is often a common occurrence.

But one up-and-coming furniture brand as the newcomer to the industry seems to be threatening the Scandinavian heavyweight furniture corporation. Valyou furniture has entered the industry, breaking all the rules when it comes to designing affordable and stylish furniture. Hawaiian-based furniture brand Valyou is revolutionizing the industry with its stylish, yet high quality designs that offer more than just the run of the mill Skandi styles. Valyou’s furniture can accommodate a litany of style preferences. Just as fashion trends are constantly evolving, furniture trends do too and in light of this, Valyou continuously offers new styles and designs to keep up with what’s current. So whether you’re looking for Bohemian, Mid Century, minimal or modern furniture, Valyou has something for everyone. Similar to the titans of the fashion retail world, like Zara and Fashion Nova, Valyou is constantly designing new furniture.

And as an added bonus, along with Valyou’s various styles, the brand promises low prices along with quick turnaround. Gone are the days of spending hours making your way through a giant warehouse store, only to end with having to load your own furniture, take it home and assemble it yourself. With Valyou, furniture shopping is made easy with its online purchasing process. Once you’ve purchased, Valyou guarantees delivery within a week from purchase directly to your door. Thanks to their American-based warehouses, the company is able to ship product quickly and directly to their clientele. With quick access to their product here on American soil, Valyou is able to deliver product quickly.

So if you’re ready to try something new and exciting that for once, isn’t Ikea, check out Valyou and their impressive selection at their website.

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