Suraj Soni says he has got the business acumen from his father

Suraj Soni

When it comes to motivation, age is just a number. Motivation is something which should come from within to be a humongous success. Suraj Soni, a 21-year old guy from Rajkot has built his career as a successful motivational speaker. His curiosity about things and the ability to learn new things is what makes him unique from other youngsters. Calling himself a learner, Soni dedicates his time reading books and watching videos of successful businessmen and millionaires. “I follow the ideologies of entrepreneurs to understand the fundamentals of business”, he says.

In a time when people are busy surfing on social media and partying with friends, Suraj is spending his time wisely. He says, “The time is all about how you utilize it. I would rather hustle now and enjoy my life later. My life has been surrounded by the motivational content which helps me to build my vision about the future.” Besides this, the young guy is grooming himself with the best tips and tricks to follow to build a profitable venture. As of now, he is working with his father in Rajkot.

Soni’s father has a successful business of gold and jewellery there. He says that his father inspires him to become a businessman. “My father is my role model who has worked hard and built everything from scratch. In today’s time, it is not easy to start a business without anyone’s backing. I am glad that I have my father’s support and guidance on how to do business”, added Suraj. The 21-year old is following his father’s footsteps and has the right motivation from his father about establishing a business.

As a content creator, he loves to create motivational content about the best names from different walks of life like sports, films, technology and business. Through his content, his goal is to convey a message to one and all that there is a struggle in each and every field. “All that matters is hard work and the extra push of motivation. I hope my content reaches to the right audience”, he stated. We hope that this young guy continues to inspire all the people with his work and may he reach new heights in his career.

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