Health Coach Stephon Clinkscales’s Fitness Videos Cross 25 Million Views on YouTube

Stephon Clinkscales

With the fitness and wellness trend on the rise, self-care has become pertinent for every individual. People have increasingly started paying heed to their physical fitness, including building a fit body and developing a nutritious lifestyle, resulting in the growing demand for health coaches. Health coaches help improve the current lifestyle to achieve the body, health, and mental goals through effective mentoring and guidance.

There has been a surge in health and fitness coaches on YouTube who post videos to share their valuable expertise, experiences, techniques, and tips that help the viewers develop and achieve their own fitness goals. One of the highly popular health coaches trending on YouTube is Stephon Clinkscales, better known as StephIsCold. The channel, launched in 2015, currently has more than 200,000 followers, with videos that have crossed 25 million views.

Catering to the millennial, his popularity has especially soared with the male viewers he has successfully established a strong connection with, due to his strong content. His engaging, creative, and entertaining videos comprise tips and information about health and fitness, motivational counseling, and dating and relationship advice to help men understand women better. His viewers have hugely benefited from his coaching, which is evident from the comments posted on his videos.

Discussing his choice of content for the channel, Clinkscales states, “I have always been passionate about health and fitness and worked hard to achieve my goals. The consequent results encouraged me to start my YouTube channel and share my knowledge with everyone seeking guidance to achieve the same. While mentoring, I also realized that many men were navigating relationship issues, and I would unintentionally dole out advice to them. Inspired by the success ensuing from my suggestions, I began posting videos that discuss and explore various topics related to dating and women in general.”

The channel soon gained traction and witnessed a burgeoning rise in the followers. Today, Clinkscales is considered a top health and relationship coach. Follow Clinkscales on Instagram and YouTube @StephIsCold for guidance and interesting nuggets of information to implement in your personal life. He is also available for a one-on-one consultation. You can book an appointment with him via his website,

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