New Business Seeks to Solve Problems with Moving Stuff


THUNDER BAY – Wayne Schulz is on a mission to solve what is an age-old problem.  How many times have you been looking for a friend with a pick-up truck to move something? 

A new piece of furniture? Picking up some lumber? Whatever it is, moving things if you don’t have a truck can be hard.

NetNewsLedger asked Wayne about the business:

QuestionWhat inspired you to come up with it?

Answer: During my layoff from work during the COVID-19 lockdown, many friends or friends of friends that knew I had a truck and not working were asking if I could help them out. Since I was not busy anyways and they kept with the social distancing protocols, I helped out. Because I had so many requests, I thought that this should be a business, the problem was it’s hard to get the word out as an individual. Then the idea of a website dedicated to ‘connecting people with stuff to move, with the people that have the vehicle to move it’ was conceived.

Question: How does a person contact Hire a Pickup?

Answer: Visit the website

Question: How does a person with a pickup join?

Answer: After you get to the site, select the Register link, fill in the login details, once you successfully registered, choose your membership type. There are two types of membership; Customer – allows you to post jobs for someone with a truck to answer. BTW: customer membership is always FREE! Then there is Operator membership (people who wish to offer their ‘truck’ services). Operator membership is $28/month that’s it, no percentage, or holding any money you earn as an operator, our site does not process any transactions other than your membership fee.

Question: Who does the loading and unloading?

Answer: Operators on our site set their own terms of service (what they are willing to haul and how). Our site just facilitates connecting the customer to the operator, once a customer contacts the operator, they are free to negotiate the who does what for what and when.