Thomas Beggs of Worldwide Precious Metals Recognized Amongst Canada’s top 3 Most Influential CEOs

Thomas Beggs

W​hen it comes to wealth and financial services, respect and integrity are everything. It is a considerable job to be tasked with helping people secure and grow their wealth, and clients expect you to precisely know what you are doing. For Thomas Beggs of Worldwide Precious Metals, it’s just another day in the office of his trusted company helping others achieve wealth security and prosperity. Recognized as one of Canada’s top three most influential CEOs, Thomas is running a company changing the way people think about wealth management.

Based in Vancouver, Worldwide Precious Metals is an investment firm that works with clients looking to build their portfolios with gold, silver, platinum, and diamonds. With over 60 years of experience in the industry combined, Worldwide Precious Metals and their providers have helped people rethink their wealth management strategies. Under Thomas’s leadership, the company has seen tremendous growth catching the attention of top Canadian professionals, business leaders, and influencers.

T​homas is the youngest CEO in this industry in Canada, and he is proud of what Worldwide Precious Metals has become. “I was drawn to putting my time and energy into leading a company that helps people grow their wealth and security,” says Thomas. “That is really where my passion is, and I love showing people what’s possible with precious metals.” Knowing that putting your wealth into something tangible makes a big difference, and I built Worldwide Precious Metals to make that accessible.”

T​homas’s passion has helped propel him to the status of the top 3 most influential CEO’s in Canada. Due to his vast experience in wealth management and precious metals, Thomas understands that wealth management is power, and proactive measures make all the difference when it comes to influence and longevity. “Every successful CEO understands that there is a degree of stability that comes with the right wealth management strategy,” explains Thomas. With that expertise, Thomas was able to build one of the most influential companies in Canada.

Running an investment company of this magnitude is no small feat, yet Thomas handles it with the ease and professionalism of a seasoned professional. At just 31 years old, Thomas has achieved what takes most people a lifetime to accomplish. “I strongly believe in fairness and enthusiasm,” says Thomas. “I wake up every morning with purpose and believe that with a balanced approach, you can make anything happen.” The future looks bright for Thomas as Worldwide Precious Metals continues to grow and expand their portfolio.

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