Ali Adel – The one who proved that nothing is impossible

Ali Adel

Be it any part of the world, children are told a story of someone who made it from rags and riches. As they grow up, it slowly sets in as a fact that it was possibly just a story and in reality, such a story is far from reality. Slowly, everyone believes that such a change in life is next to impossible. And then comes around a story like this one and proves it to everyone that impossible is nothing. The story of Ali Adel – the wonder boy who made it large and continues to look for new opportunities.

Today Ali Adel is known across the world as a great actor. His portrayal of Khaled in popular series “Bab Al-hara” made him a household name. The three-time winner for the best male actor in Egypt is of a Bahraini – Egyptian descent and was born in a normal family. As a student, Ali found his love for acting and played small parts in various plays. In his quest to be better at his dream job, Ali even undertook various learning courses to master the art of acting.

All this while Ali continued to take up even small opportunities and gave the best of his abilities to bring his character to life. His continued zeal for perfection was noticed and his work started being appreciated in the entertainment circuits.

Ali went on to star in various popular TV series and also starred in a film titled ‘German’. Ali has been an example for every aspiring youth and has inspired many lives with his works that are famous across Egypt & Syria.

Ali has now decided to expand his scope of work and is mow meeting producers and directors for international projects. This is welcome news to all his fans worldwide who are now excited to hear all about his next project. We promise to keep an eye out for updates from Ali Adel.

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