Shreyam Shukla is touching new heights as one of the youngest entrepreneurs in India

Shreyam Shukla

In recent times, the Young entrepreneurs and newly build organisations understand the significance of the correct platform for businesses and run in-depth research before establishment.

Being an entrepreneur is all about being passionate and that is the core personality trait in Mr Shreyam Shukla, owner of DECAF. One can get inspired to make a difference with various things, for Shreyam Shukla it was a visit to Rodeo Drive when he went to LA.

Based in Ahmedabad, Shreyam offers services such as e-commerce, dropshipping, Marketing, Film Making, and Real Estate. Shreyam kickstarted his career during his teenage and is currently spinning his way to success and how. Well, all the credits go to his passion and dedication towards e-commerce and fashion industry.

Explaining the services DECAF offers he says, “It is all about e-commerce; from buying a domain to scaling up to 6 figures. My company provides everything in social media marketing and influencer marketing and e-commerce business.” His approach is of solid work and giving Tiffany service along with Branding and Identity. Shukla says,“ Things have changed and we have changed from the old “push” marketing to “pull marketing.”

DECAF services are available not only on the local and national levels but across the globe. For a young entrepreneur, his sense of responsibility is proven when he says, “Owning a business that employs 10 people means that I also have the responsibility for 10 families that depend on me to make good decisions. I also have a responsibility to my customers and vendors. In the end, I am ultimately responsible.”

Shreyam Shukla’s day starts around 12.00 pm and he completes major tasks by 4.00 and then he enjoys playing e-sports while doing necessary coordination over calls.

Shreyam’s advice to the new generation of entrepreneurs is to believe in oneself and be persistent. He says, “You would not know in the beginning if it is the right idea or not. Success will take time but keep reminding yourself, miles to go before I sleep. It is okay to make mistakes too, but learn from them.”

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