Felix Alfen speaks about how he set a benchmark in the field of network marketing

Felix Alfen

Being an employee and living a job life has its own perks with job security being of utmost importance. However, running a business has its fair share of struggles and achievements. While it is a risk to be an entrepreneur as there is no fixed income, but the golden rule of business is to take risks to earn profits. Today we tell you about Felix Alfen, an entrepreneur who began his journey in 2014 when he worked as a consultant. In an era of technology, he gained knowledge by watching videos on YouTube, reading articles and attending entrepreneurship webinars. Picking up a niche of network marketing in Germany, he built a name for himself in 6 years.

Introduced to the concept of affiliate and network marketing by one of his friends, Felix was initially not pleased by it. “I was looking for other business opportunities at the same time when I came across a company called VEMMA. I became their customer first and was moved by the company’s product line of nutrition supplements and lifestyle products. I am an athlete and have been living a healthy lifestyle”, stated Alfen. After attending an event by VEMMA, he understood the basics of online marketing and got motivated to venture into the business of network marketing.

While starting the business, the initial two and a half years were an adventurous journey with a lot of hardships. “You learn and then you earn”, a saying which Felix completely believes in. After gaining a lot of experience and exposure, he helped 10,000 people in running a business through affiliate marketing with products like nutrition, skincare and other body shaping products. 2017 was a remarkable year in Alfen’s career as his company created a turnover of more than 10 million dollars for two fitness and lifestyle network marketing companies. With this, he helped millennials earn 7-figure income through online business.

In the same year, the entrepreneur made his investments in trading and educated himself in financial studies. During this course, he bagged an offer by another affiliate marketing company which specializes in financial education products. With the success in network marketing, Felix incorporated another company named Kuvera Global which has now joined hands with many companies in the field of network marketing. Today Felix’s companies are doing tremendously well in the European markets. With his online marketing skills, many brands and companies have built strong google and social media presence.

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