DXN Global and IIMSAM’s ‘One Dollar One Child’ is the fight against malnutrition that you must read about

IIMSAM/DXN Team - From Left to Right: IIMSAM’S GOODWILL AMBASSADOR & Chairman - Datuk Dr Lim Siow Jin - SG. R. Maradona - International-Businessman & Goodwill Ambassador of IIMSAM IN UAE - Mr. Jaber Al Behandy - DXN - Mr. Mathews Kuncheria-Managing Director - IIMSAM-Sp. Adviser Mr. Tarik Al Behandy - MR. JUITH N.K. INT’L-MANAGING DIRECTOR - MR. SALEEM SHAJEER - DIRECTOR-MARKETING. ( DXN-HQ-KEDAH MALAYSIA.)

DXN and the Intergovernmental Institution for the use of Micro-algae Spirulina Against Malnutrition(IIMSAM) Strategic Partnership in support of the United Nations Decade of Action 2020-2030 Sustainable Development Goals launches ‘One Dollar One Child’ (ODOC)
campaign to address childhood malnutrition around the globe. In the world, malnutrition among children is a significant concern not only in underdeveloped countries but also in developed countries.

IIMSAM’S Goodwill Ambassador (Malaysia.) Dr. Lim Siow Jin, and founder and chairman of DXN Global, the world’s 14th largest direct selling company in the health and wellness industry. The world today is facing many challenges, and one of them is malnutrition. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), roughly 7 million children under the age of 5 die each year from preventable causes worldwide. Malnutrition is the underlying cause of 45% of these deaths, according to the WHO.

The ODOC campaign is one of its kind campaign where the distributor or consumer of DXN products is taking the responsibility of the fight against malnutrition by contributing one dollar for one child. The rising problem of malnutrition among children worldwide would be addressed by many volunteers from the 10 million registered distributors of DXN. DXN has a global presence, and hence it would be possible for DXN to coordinate such a massive campaign. The campaign aims to improve the nutritional knowledge and practices inclusive of complementary feeding of 3 gm spirulina for 90 days, education on hygiene practices, growth monitoring, and dietary diversity. Tapping into the nutritional powerhouse that Spirulina is, the ODOC campaign aims to improve children’s health status, helping them achieve their developmental milestones of growth.

Speaking about the launch of this program, Dr. Lim, CEO & Chairman, DXN Global, said, “We will take up the responsibility to feed 1 million children with 3 gm Spirulina daily to out of malnutrition. It is our duty towards the society. Which has supported DXN well over the past 27 years, and this is payback time. DXN’s Spirulina farms produce one of Spirulina’s best varieties that can surely help in our mission to eradicate malnutrition.”

DXN has its operations around the world, with over 10 million registered distributors. DXN plans to implement the ODOC project by engaging the distributors as well as the management to liaise with government officials, NGOs, and corporates doing CSR projects concerned with child nutrition and health, NGO’s, etc. Currently, DXN has planned to supply Spirulina in powder form. Still, maybe very soon, we might come up with more palatable means of delivering Spirulina’s power in other ways like energy chocolate bars, candies, etc.

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