How Entrepreneur Anthony Sarandrea is Touching New Heights with his Multiple Businesses

Anthony Sarandrea

The phrase, “The customer is always right” was coined over 100 years ago by a major London department store and used to lure customers through the door. After all, who wouldn’t want to shop with a company that always had their back?

Over the years, this idea has remained and you can find it at the heart of many of the world’s biggest companies, including Apple—say what you want about its products and pricing, it’s hard to argue with its customer support. But it’s an idea that has been lost somewhat over the years, with many companies putting profit before people and focusing on their bottom line above all else.

For Anthony Sarandrea, however, this motto has helped to shape his success. He has always put the needs of the customer first and believes that regardless of the business or its industry, every company should follow suit.

Anthony is an expert in lead generation, and it’s here that the aforementioned notion was born. He acknowledged that the quickest route to a successful lead was to discover what customers wanted and find a way to provide it.

Customer satisfaction always comes first, but profits invariably and inevitably follow.

Give the consumer what they’re looking for and you’ll have their gratitude and their loyalty. They’ll promote your business to their friends, leave good reviews, and return time and time again.

This customer-centric policy has helped Anthony Sarandrea to launch and grow several major businesses, all focusing on lead generation. His services have also been utilized by several Fortune 500 companies, all seeking to improve their profits in an organic and sustainable way.

In recent years, Anthony has been voted as one of the best “30 under 30” entrepreneurs and has been featured in multiple business, technology, and lifestyle publications, including Jetset and Forbes.

He’s one of the country’s most exciting entrepreneurial prospects and even after earning his fortune and launching several 7-8 figure businesses, he still follows the same basic principles and believes that the customer really is always right.

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