Wise Gambling 101: NFL Tips First Time Bettors Should Know About


Everybody bets on the NFL (National Football League), and it is one of the most anticipated betting games football fans look forward to every season. And now that the association announced their season restart, everybody is looking forward to trying their luck once again.

However, betting in the NFL is somehow an intimidating move, especially for newbie bettors who would like to give betting a try. But don’t fret. If you are one of these newbie bettors, take betting on a new level where you need to study the grounds and learn the basics.

With a few guides and advice from the experts and other professional bettors, you can learn the ropes and easily familiarize them with it.

NFL Gambling Is Legal

First things first, NFL gambling or betting is legal in almost all states in the US. However, some states still prohibit NFL gambling, including California, Florida, Minnesota, and Kentucky. This is vital information every first-time bettor should know first before they dive into officially placing their bets.

Keep in mind where you are betting, and if the state you are currently residing in is operating a legal sportsbook, you have plenty of options to wager your money. For states like Nevada, New Jersey, and New York, you can choose different sportsbooks. Those who reside in West Virginia are lucky, as it is the home of DraftKings and FanDuel, the two giants in online sports booking.

Tips And Tricks

After you’ve assured that your current location allows you to gamble in the NFL, you need to learn a few tips and tricks to score a big pool of prizes. But winning big doesn’t come easily.

It’s best to learn some of the few NFL tips and picks you can use on your first bet.

Never bet on every game.

Take it from Matthew Freedman, the editor-in-chief of ‘The Action Network and FantasyLabs.’ It can be intimidating, especially if your favorite team is playing in a current match, and it seems like they are probably going to win. However, it is not a wise move. If you do so, you can do it for recreation purposes but understand that you can’t maximize your returns efficiently.

Match-ups matter most.

Never underestimate the game match-ups, according to Mike Randle. Game match-ups have a lot to do with deciding which team you’ll bet. It’s best to remember that there are already four wildcard teams who won the Super Bowl, which is a very unexpected result.

It is best to understand that if an underdog team has a great defensive match-up advantage, go big and bet on the moneyline with good odds.

Always shop around.

Don’t ever think that shopping around different sportsbooks will consume and waste your time. It only takes a little effort to do so, but with due diligence, you can find new outlets to ensure you are taking the best price available.

Having access to multiple books is a simple method to improve your edge in betting in the NFL. Many first time bettors sometimes forget this as they think it’s just a waste of time.

Winning Strategies You Can Look Into

Learning the ropes in betting in the NFL will considerably take some time, but you need to dive into the real game. So, to give you a few heads up on how to win your first bet, you should read this first.

Bet With Your Head, Not With Your Heart

Always put your emotions aside if you want to win. Even though it’s very easy to dwell with our personal biases, it is sometimes not favorable. Learn to be objective when betting in the NFL. This is the only way for you to make smarter and wiser bets.

Playing Venue Is Important

We always hear the term “home court advantage” and for a good reason. Traveling teams have tendencies to perform less compared when they are at their home-court. Time difference also plays a factor in their performance. Not to mention, domes and outdoor fields have something to do with players’ performance as well.

Humble Down And Check The Expert Picks

There’s no shame in humbling down and getting help with expert bettors out there. There’s a lot of professional handicappers who offer help to first-time bettors to get confident with their picks. You’ll find it easy to get along with betting if you have someone knowledgeable at your side. You’ll come a long way with a little help, trust us!


Betting in the NFL is a fun and exciting way to spend a recreational weekend while earning money. But for the first time bettors, it can be a little intense and challenging to start. However, it shouldn’t be that way as there are many experts and professional bettors who are ready to provide help and tips to get started. Just be prepared with few losses and mishaps as you are still learning the basics. It’s best to remember that winning big doesn’t happen overnight, and betting like experts do take a bunch of losses before grabbing a bucket of wins.

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