An Exclusive Interview with Business Consulting Mastermind, Chris Diaz

Chris Diaz

With the advent of social media revolutionizing everything from communication to business, personal branding has become the next thing to adapt to social media. People’s interactions are no longer limited to their family, friends, or the industry they work in. It has become easier to develop a personal brand and grow an audience online to become a respected industry entrepreneur. However, it takes time and consistent effort to build an audience. Most people engage the services of consultants such as Chris Diaz, a personal branding expert and business consulting mastermind, to grow their online presence.

Chris Diaz a Business Consultant was in October 10, 1993 in Miami, Florida. He obtained a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from Florida International University in 2016. After graduation, Chris worked for a luxurious car dealership in Miami and later joined JPMorgan Chase & Co in a banking position. When asked how he started his marketing and consulting business, Chris Diaz Agency, he says that it took depression after a bad heartbreak to get him on the right path. “I worked my way up from the bottom and basically reinvented myself,” says Chris. He realized that the job he was doing, finance and sales in the corporate world, was not what he really wanted to do. He didn’t see a future there, and the job was not aligned with his major purpose in life – to help people. He saw an opportunity in the digital marketing world and invested the last of his money into courses, books, and mentors to educate him on digital marketing, branding, and Instagram marketing.

Chris started as a social media influencer and promoter, where he would grow Instagram pages to a following of between 10k and 100k. Chris Diaz Agency was born as he continued to build solid and valuable relationships in the industry, learning new skills, and expanding his brand. He now markets top personalities, brands, and businesses, and is a top consultant for elite entrepreneurs. His near-perfect digital marketing strategy to start, grow, or scale a business to six or seven figures and beyond did not come easy – he pushed himself to the limit to deliver only the best results. Chris currently runs a digital network worth over 100M full of artists, athletes, entrepreneurs, and influencers, that he leverages to get more traffic to his clients’ businesses.

A force to reckon with in the digital marketing world, Chris’s advice is to take your failures in stride and learn from them and build connections that you can leverage to grow your business.

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