The Benefits to Investing in a Tungsten Ring

The Benefits to Investing in a Tungsten Ring

Tungsten has become a highly popular metal for wedding rings in recent years. It’s an affordable and yet stylish option for a modern wedding ring design and offers excellent wearability. Surprisingly, however, only a small percentage of people know what it is and whether it’s the right choice for them. So you might first like to know more about them and their benefits before you browse those available online from the likes of Alpine Rings. Here, we’ll look at the advantages of tungsten, in order to help you decide whether it’s the right metal for you.


This affordable option is far easier on your wallet than the precious metals. Various tungsten carbide grades are used in jewelry, which can affect the cost. High-quality tungsten, for example, including nickel and carbon, can come with a higher price tag than other lower grade combinations of tungsten carbide. Compare a white gold wedding ring with a tungsten wedding ring. You’ll see two rings that look very similar, but at very different costs. For couples on a budget, it’s a great option, and allows you to spend more money on another part of your big day. If you’re budget conscious or you often lose things, this more affordable choice might be the right choice for you over a traditional wedding ring. It isn’t just that they cost relatively little, too. Tungsten rings require barely any maintenance if any at all. They maintain their aesthetic appeal and shine for over 30 years without you needing to regularly clean them. When you do give it a clean and polish, the straightforward process requires only a solution of a small amount of soap and warm water, before being air-dried.


When it comes to durability, tungsten carbide ranks above any other meta. Tungsten is, in fact, harder than other metals used in jewelry, as well as being more scratch-resistant. For an object to scratch another, the scratched object must be softer than the object scratching it, which means that most materials are incapable of scratching tungsten. So with only a small number of exceptions, a tungsten ring will remain free from scratches. This is particularly advantageous for those who work with their hands, such as a contractor, who sometimes nukes to press down hard when typing. If you work with tools or play sports with lots of physical contact, the ring will remain looking as new as it will on your wedding day. Tungsten can’t be moulded into the shape of a ring by itself, so it’s combined with carbon atoms to produce the ring you’ll wear on your hand on your wedding day. These rings share many of the same qualities as pure metal, like high-melting temperatures, so if you tend to be hard on jewelry, a tungsten ring could be a good option for you. Lasers can be used to engrave the rings, and they can also be given various finishes, overlays, colors, and designs.


The fact that they’re scratch-resistant is ideal for those who live an adventurous and active lifestyle, without worrying about getting their hands dirty. The silver-grey rings are more scratch-resistant than other colors, as they’re more in their natural form than the golden and black ones. This brings us to our next benefit of investing in a tungsten ring.

Choice of Colours

As tungsten is available in multiple popular colors, it’s easy to find one to suit individual tastes. Gunmetal grey, for example, is one of the most popular colors, and makes for a unique and good-looking wedding ring, with white offering a contemporary and sleek option. White tungsten carbide is similar to white and platinum gold in terms of appearance, offering a stylish and mason look. By plating tungsten, the metal can show off different and attractive hues. You could have your tungsten ring plated in colors, such as yellow gold or rose gold.


The majority of men enjoy how a ring feels on their fingers. Tungsten is heavier than any other ring available on the market, which adds weight to the jewelry. It’s heavier than 14k gold, and far heavier than such metals as stainless steel and titanium.

Pleasant Feel

As tungsten rings are so weighty, with an average weight of 15-24 grams, they offer a pleasant feel when worn. Its dense material means that you won’t be able to easily lose your ring when performing other tasks, as it’s hard not to notice when it’s not on your finger.


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