How to Boost Global Online Product Sales

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Even if a business is doing everything right, this does not equate to high online sales on a global level. However, there are many ways that you can specifically target your sales and make sure that you can take concrete steps and do everything in your power to increase your sales as much as possible. Here is a guide to the best ways that you can motivate both national and international sales online.

1.   Display Clear Images

To grab your audience’s attention and to get them onto your website in the first place, you need to make sure that you can display clear product images. Whether you are promoting your goods on social media first, or are simply looking for a way to encourage your web browsers to click the ‘Buy now’ button, displaying perfect product images will inspire your customers and show that your items are high quality. To do this, you should first resize image before you post it online, ensuring that it has the right specifications to look professional to your audience.

2.   Improve Website Navigation

Many customers can be deterred from buying off your website due to poor navigation, especially if they are unable to find the products that they want or if your pages have reduced loading times. Then, you should consider techniques to make your website easy to use and navigate. Some of the best ways that you can do this include putting a search function in your menu bar, having drop-down menus, and even changing the format of your website to ensure that your customer’s attention is drawn to certain features or pages.

3.   Localize Your Website

To make sure that your website is found by people around the world, and to allow your pages to capture their imagination as well as that of people living in your own country, you need to localize your website. You can do this by translating your copy, finding new keywords, and adapting your website with cultural differences in mind. This can include offering different products in different localities.

4.   Make Your Pages Mobile-Friendly

Although you might not have seen it coming twenty years ago, mobile phones have now taken over the entire world. This has led to a surprisingly large number of sales being made on devices other than computers or laptops. However, it is essential to ensure that you are not solely focusing on mobile devices, with tablets and even voice assistants now becoming ever popular ways to make purchases on the internet.

5.   Change Your Pricing Structure

A significant factor that may be stopping your global sales from booming is your pricing, especially if you are selling a lot of stock to customers internationally, whose shipping costs are likely to be incredibly high. Then, you should consider methods such as bundling and decoy pricing which will encourage people to spend more money on products from your company, even if they are purchasing goods from across the globe.

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