How Tony M Fountain is Freeing Up More Time to Spend with Family and Helping Others by Using Automation at His Company Now Entertainment

Tony M Fountain

The current economic times has forced us all rethink our approach. One of the ideas that has really taken off lately is automation.

In the current economic reality, it’s the path that Tony M Fountain, CEO, and founder of Now Entertainment, would highly recommend to all entrepreneurs.

“The goal, right now, is to pick reduce unnecessary costs and free up time for other activities. This requires some level of automation,” said Tony.

Now Entertainment is one of the fastest growing entertainment blogs in North America. The Georgia company’s objective is to provide a platform that not only showcases up and coming talent but also creates cost effective services for their clients growth.

“My passion lies in helping others succeed where they struggle. This struggle, often, is centered around functions that consume a lot of time and resources.”

Time management, he believes, is key to running any business. “There is no point in dream chasers becoming their own boss only for their work to fully consume their time leaving none left over for family and fun,” he added.

We asked him to share the kinds of automation systems which he utilizes in his own business. According to him, there are three of them but he’s actively looking into new ideas – chatbots, social media auto posting bots, and email newsletter enrollment forms.

“If you can’t figure it out yourself there are many freelancers available right now to assist with these jobs,” he advises.

Finally, talk to your clients and business partners – get their feedback and adjust as you see fit. Reach out to others in your field of work and give freely with no hidden agenda. “You’d be surprised at how months and years after planting those seeds yield an even more valuable return. A happy client is your best friend, word of mouth can be an amazing thing” he says.

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