Becoming One of the Top Pioneer Cannabis Brands in California and Nevada is Cannabiotix

It is one of the leading cannabis brands that has proved its mettle through modern cultivation and offerings of distinctive products


People a few years ago across many countries had rejoiced the legalization of cannabis and many others till today are still awaiting the legalization. The country which has always been ahead with the demand and production of cannabis is the US and California and Nevada have been states which have seen a surge in the growth of such companies where more and more cannabis products are delivered to various dispensaries in these states. How could different cannabis companies stay behind in providing their unique products for fulfilling the varied demands of their customers and clients in America where they happily accept such cultivators of cannabis. This led to the rise of what is known as today “Cannabiotix” originated by a skilled duo along with their robust team of talented professionals.

The two skilled entrepreneurs and talented cultivators with their unique business acumen and the use of the most correct strategies have helped them sustain in an industry that is known to have tough competitors. They began their venture with their company Cannabiotix in 2014 and since then have given their 100% in growing, developing and cultivating the best cannabis flowers and products so unique that people could remember the experience for the longest time.

Cannabiotix offers a wide range of products in broad categories like pre-rolls, cartridges, solvents and flower. Besides that, it also has a genetic library comprising of over 55 strains. This expansive library of strains has led them to create other powerful concentrates like vapes, budders, live resins, sugars and shatters. They are industry leaders also because the flower that gets used for the company’s concentrates and infused products is also exclusively sourced internally. The company, through this process, maintain proper quality-control in the various production aspects.

Cannabiotix also is ahead in its choice of the unique process of cultivation, making use of sustainable and natural farming techniques and at the same time, the new methods based on science and technology. This results in making the brand a highly-recognised and award-winning, which gives PGR free, clean and highest quality cannabis flowers.

What’s even more amazing about this brand is that they have been widely appreciated for their top-notch quality products and for that have also been awarded 20 times. Cannabiotix has been the favourite of most cannabis connoisseurs in the US and the proof is also their growing popularity on Instagram, which has helped them reach to maximum people and improve their reputation.

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