Entrepreneur Kareem Elmashad is Buzzing High in the Technology Business with His Successful App ‘I am Dubai’

Kareem Elmashad

We are engulfed by gadgets and most advanced technologies which make us work easy and facilitate us in many things, all thanks to techno-geeks heads who create such apps which help us grow faster in this competitive world.

Dubai, as we all know, is the prime point for all the business tycoons and top celebrities. Dubai is a spot where all the big names come together every year. So without a doubt, it is the world’s best place to grow faster in your field. You get a chance to connect with all the big and smart heads.

Out of those big names Recently Dubai based Entrepreneur Kareem Elmashad under 30 created a buzz with his latest App. Yes, the young entrepreneur founder and CEO of I am Dubai company created a gem of an App for all the big names around, especially all the entertainers who want to collaborate with other brands.

Kareem Elmashad is a young and renowned entrepreneur of Dubai, He is into IT business from quite a long time, being an IT entrepreneur of Dubai he uses his skills and works on making new Apps which makes people work easy and also help them connect to the world.

Recently he got an idea of creating an App name; I am Dubai. Yes, using his own place name and company name for his App is an excellent idea as Dubai itself is a trending word in Google too.

Kareem Elmashad has already featured in many big magazines in the past like Forbes and all for his innovative work in the technology world. His company I am Dubai is a popular name in Dubai, and he is doing excellent work by creating new apps and all for businesses.

Coming to his App, I am Dubai of Kareem Elmashed is a Mobile App that allows models and social media influencers to partner up with restaurants & brands, enabling them to receive benefits in exchange for exciting the restaurants & brands on social media.

Kareem is already getting a fabulous response for his App, taking that as inspiration he is planning to create more Apps like I am Dubai in coming years.

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