Digital Expert Ashish Bansal Gives Pro-Tips to Boost Your Digital Presence

ashish bansal

It is said that change is the only constant and it stands true if we look around ourselves. Everything has been changing around us and for someone who wants to be relevant all the time, the only way is to keep adapting with the changes. From word-of-mouth marketing to digital marketing, we have come a long way. For a brand/influencer to sustain in today’s market, his digital game needs to be on point. But digital marketing is a tricky business and it should be left on the experts. Ashish Bansal is someone who has been in this field for years now.

The young entrepreneur has started working at a very young age, Since then he has gained enough experience to attract brands and influencers from every corner of the world. He currently runs his own digital media agency called Born Social, which has been working with some of the most reputed names from around the globe.

Being in this space for years now, Bansal has understood the art of digital marketing very well. According to him, one should always keep the following points in mind while working on their digital presence:

● Content is the king

It is true that people are not interested in your mere promotions. They need to be targeted in a different way to attract their attention. Content marketing is the tool which comes handy here. Providing people with unique and relevant content is probably the best way to gain their attention and highlight your brand value at the same time.

● Decode your target audience

Your efforts would be a total waste if you will focus on the wrong set of audience. Not everyone is in need of your goods or services. The key lies in figuring out your target audience and hammering them with the right method of marketing to make the best impact possible.

● Monitor the performance 

Just putting your content out there would be of no use if you will not monitor it. There are things that might work for some other brands but might not work for yours. This is where the data analytic tools come handy. They help us figure out what is working best for us and even for our competitors. Knowing your strengths and weaknesses is one thing that becomes of utmost importance once you start working on your digital presence.

● Keep a 360 degree approach

Research shows that there has been an exponential increase in the amount of mobile phone users in the past few years. With the majority of the people having access to smartphones, it has become the primary device through which people use the internet. But at the same time, your content is going out to users with different devices. While designing your content or a campaign, it is very important to have a 360 degree approach keeping all the scenarios in mind.

● Connect with the audience

The more responsive and interactive your brand is, the more people will love it. Value the feedback, solve the issues and just be there for your audience whenever they need you. It will not only help your brand in becoming credible but will also build a relationship with your audience adding to your online reputation.

Right out of the Tech Expert’s sleeves, here are the simplest yet most important tips that can ascertain your brand’s online presence that cleaves in the best of times for you and your brand.

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