Jean Paul Schoor’s remarkable journey as a successful entrepreneur is all you need to read

Jean Paul Schoor

The only key to unlock success lies in hard work. It is only after the dark phase one gets to see the bright side of life. Jean Paul Schoor’s life has been a roller-coaster journey with a lot of highs and a lot of lows. Born in a village in the municipality of Neunkirchen Seelscheid in Germany, he lived in a house between two cow pastures and there were hardly any neighbours around his home. He is the youngest son in his family and has 3 siblings including 2 sisters and a brother. Born to Renate Schoor and Jörg Schoor, his parents separated while he was just 3. He grew up with his mother and his stepfather. Well, the family had to go through a financial crisis but by God’s grace, they did not starve.

His childhood was spent playing football since the age of 5. While he was 6, he went to an elementary school in Neunkirchen Seelscheid and continued playing football. However, Jean then moved to the Birk district in Lohmar while he was 10. The kid was often teased more than the other children and it was very exhausting for him to deal with the things then. He even stopped playing football after his mother insisted him to focus on studies. That was a downfall for Jean after which he started drinking and smoking. The techno party and drugs were introduced to him very early. The lad was almost off the track at the age of 15 until a teacher motivated him through the sport and helped him in discovering his talent.

Jean’s mother was always concerned about his education. He then started focusing on education and got an apprenticeship as a vehicle mechatronics engineer. Unfortunately, he was shown the door and got terminated from the training because he did not go to vocational school regularly. The only thing that bothered him was why he did not go to school. “With being teased and bullied so much, I was not in that state of to attend school”, said Schoor. He never quit and did not lose his hope. After a lot of trying, Jean got to complete his training at Bosch Service in Siegburg. “To be honest, it does not make sense to me that people continue doing a job even when they don’t like it. I did not like my job but had to continue doing a job to clear off debts”, he added.

At the end of the apprenticeship, his uncle taught him a valuable lesson to keep working every day and not look forward to the weekend. Jean quoted, “My uncle does not have fun but he likes what he does. It was clear to find my purpose before doing work.” At 19, Jean had no qualification of a high school diploma. For his mother, he studied and got a diploma degree in mechanical engineering. Simultaneously, he did several other jobs until he realized he was going to the federal police. And guess what? He passed all the tests and was all set to start his new journey but got a crucial ligament rupture due to football. Years just passed and Jean turned 22 with having no solid base about his work. “When I did not understand how to deal with life problems, I took a break and travelled abroad to Thailand and Turkey where I spent 6 months learning about other people and cultures”, said Jean.

During that time, Jean got inspired by a man who told about his story of earning income in 7-figures. After getting the right motivation, he founded his own company at 22. His aim was clear – to do something for the people and also become rich. At the initial year, he did not have any customer as he had no idea about marketing and its concepts. With the passage of time, he improvised his marketing skills and has become a top-notch name in Germany. Jean Paul Schoor today is at the peak of his career and ranks among the top 100 network marketers in the world. Besides this, the businessman has given multiple speeches and interviews in an audience of 35,000 people. Moreover, he had his interview along with the most successful network marketing trainer Eric Worre. Today his team consists of 7000 sales partners from different countries like Canada, Portugal, Switzerland, Italy, Holland and Thailand.

By 2025, this businessman has a goal to build a network of one million people. In his team, many young people aged 23 to 25 are earning money in millions. His team is recognized as Black Diamond Success Club whose mission is to set up the world’s largest social project. His down to earth behaviour, his values and his passion for work are some of his greatest strengths as a leader. Jean who is a goal-oriented and sales-oriented person is now bringing out the best results with his work. He is bringing a lot of business minds together in the financial market. It not only connects the businessmen with each other but also helps every business to grow. After the COVID-19 pandemic goes away, Jean Paul Schoor plans to host the greatest gala evenings with the best network marketers of the world.

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