“My extensive knowledge in software and programming helped me excel as a digital marketing expert,” says Liridon Vrapca

Liridon Vrapca

Tech Guru Liridon Vrapca has made a recognizable mark in the Digital marketing world.  He is a budding digital marketing expert who just loves playing around with the various options Social media has to offer. Social Media is the key to Brand marketing but seldom manage their way through it. Liridon manages his client’s pages and generates leads for them. In short, he analyses and assesses the adapting algorithms Facebook, Instagram, Twitter continuously roll out. On being asked, how he nails it, Liridon shares, “ My extensive knowledge in software and programming helped me excel as a digital marketing expert today.”

Digital Marketing is booming and It’s the right time to jump on the growth scale. The process has been daunting for Liridon as well but his programming skills keep him a tad bit ahead of his competitors. His elaborate expertise over software helps him gauge the integration of apps and guess the pattern required for a client’s business to unfold. He has a diverse clientele who trust him and recommend his work. Digitization of any brand is the biggest switch from the traditional marketing set up. However, it’s a huge risk if you do not have your systems in place.

Liridon has been shuffling with social media from his school days. His knack for technology always kept him invested in studying shifting dynamics in the marketing field. He seldom knew these patterns would prominently determine Brand sales today. Liridon Vrapca claims, “People often think I am a recent expert but the truth is, I have given years behind it.” Liridon is a full-time software developer In Germany. He has been working with computers since his primary school days. He always had the interest to learn and know more. This got him studying and earning certificates in over 15 different fields related to computer networking, Linux, and other programming languages. His career goal was defined when Digital marketing picked business. He started exploring and owned a company called WAKRS, a Social Media Agency. He also owned some known websites such as iPhone Tweaks and few other popular tech pages.

Liridon has taken a break from building his own business. He is currently saving money from his full-time job. He says his past ventures were successful but he has a lot more to learn from the ongoing digital expansion. Liridon is honing his Digital skills by taking up projects that get him a vast exposure into the Digital Marketing Scenario. He manages a lot of social media fan pages and provides a lot of services related to social media. Liridon shares he plans to open his own venture in the near future.

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