How to Choose the Right E-Liquid for You

Vaping has become very popular
Vaping has become very popular Image:

There is a lot to consider when choosing the right e-liquid. From taste, nicotine strength, value for money, and the base of an e-liquid, there are many options to customize them depending on what your needs are.

This piece will serve as a guide to choosing the right e-liquid for you.

Choosing A Flavor for E-Liquid

There are so many flavors of e liquid to choose from on the market now, it would be challenging not to find a flavor you fall in love with. There are generally four bases to consider when picking a flavor of e-liquid.

These are:

Tobacco – Tobacco is a popular flavor for those who like things classic. It is also a great help for those who want to cut down on smoking or give up, as the tobacco creates the closest experience to smoking while vaping.

Mint/menthol – Mint and menthol have a strong cooling taste, and offer an experience similar to smoking menthol cigarettes

Fruity – Fruity flavors are possibly the most diverse of the bases, as there are so many combinations to choose from! Great for vapers who like the sweeter tastes.

Desert – Desert flavors are also another popular choice, such as chocolate, custards and candy flavors

However, many combinations can be purchased, and also specialist flavors you can get your hands on like spicy, alcohol, or coffee!

Choosing a Base for E-Liquid

The next step for choosing the right e-liquid is the base. The two most popular bases are PV (propylene glycol) and VG (vegetable glycerin).

PV is usually a popular choice. It has a runny consistency and is easily absorbed by the cotton wicks in the vapor tanks. This choice of base does not affect flavor, which is an added bonus and is also a great base choice for those who want the closest simulation of smoking, as it produces a similar hit in the throat to tobacco.

VG has a thicker consistency and is often chosen by those who enjoy creating big clouds of vapor. There are more downsides to this choice, though, as VG liquids tend to clog up vaporizers, and it takes more time for the cotton wick to absorb. That being said, it is a good alternative for those who are particularly sensitive to PG, as that is more common for causing irritation.

Nicotine Strength for E-Liquid

For those who are trying to give up smoking, vaping is a great alternative. Nicotine is the substance that is addictive in cigarettes, so it is essential to get the right strength juice to help taper off easier and mitigate the side effects. For those who smoke around 30 cigarettes a day, a medium to high strength nicotine juice would perhaps be more helpful than the lower ones. In contrast, those who are below 10 cigarettes a day might prefer something significantly lower to take the edge off, down to e-liquids that have zero nicotine in them.

Zero nicotine is the next best step to quitting smoking, as vaping still offers you the habitual and social side of smoking without the addictive properties.



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