Personal Injury Law: 5 Signs It’s Time to Hire a Lawyer

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A personal injury often occurs when you least expect it. It can happen due to a car accident, a slip and fall mishap, or some other form of negligence. Personal injury often leads to medical expenses and property damage costs. Paying for medical bills can feel like an uphill battle. For the best possible outcome, you likely need a personal injury lawyer.

So when do you call a personal injury attorney? Does your personal injury case stand a chance in court? And what about all of those medical bills? Here are some signs it’s time to make the call.

1. You have outstanding medical bills and auto repair costs.

Sometimes, a motor vehicle accident only results in a handful of scrapes and dents. There’s no serious injury that requires medical attention and no major repair costs. However, sometimes, a car accident can be much more severe, especially in the case of drunk driving accidents. If you’ve been in a car accident or motorcycle accident that led to personal injury, you might want to contact a lawyer. It’s not up to you to pay for injuries and repairs you didn’t cause.

2. Insurance won’t cover all of your expenses.

Often, your insurance company is willing to work with you as long as you file a solid claim. However, some insurance companies will deny claims or only pay portions of them. This can happen even if you have records of your medical care. This can lead to ongoing financial and legal issues if you’re unable to pay the remainder of the costs. An attorney with years of experience can help.

3. You’re unsure of how to file a claim.

A personal injury attorney can walk accident victims through every single step of the claims process. It can be hard work, but with the right legal representation, you won’t risk getting tripped up by confusing questions or complicated claim forms. A personal injury lawyer will keep your best interests in mind while helping you file.

4. It’s difficult to determine liability.

In some cases, negligence is incredibly apparent. In others, with multiple involved parties, proving negligence can be difficult. By navigating personal injury law, you may be able to prove liability against another party. A great team of lawyers can go over your case to find discrepancies in statements and reports.

5. Your case involves severe injuries.

If a case involves a traumatic brain injury or wrongful death, you’ll want to contact a law firm or legal team. These cases can sometimes go to a jury trial so you’ll need a trial lawyer, particularly if you’re the plaintiff. A law firm with years of experience can help you reach the best possible outcome.

Finding an Attorney

Finding a personal injury lawyer can consist of a series of phone calls and Google searches. Say you live in Georgia. You may end up searching “Duluth GA personal injury lawyers” and “Georgia law” until your brain is swimming with complicated legal jargon. There are a few things you can do to narrow down the results.

First, look for a free consultation. You don’t want to add any more costs to your potential mass of debt. Also, search for years of experience. There’s nothing wrong with a new law firm but a more experienced law firm may have more of a local network. Also, make sure they specialize in your type of case. If it was a motor vehicle accident, look for a law firm that specializes in vehicular personal injury. If it’s a case concerning medical attention, look for attorneys that know the law well.

Navigating a personal injury case takes time, energy, and money. It’s important that you exercise your legal right to an attorney if you think you need one.

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