True Leaders Follow: 8 Ways Hassan Hamid’s Implant Patient Machine’s Lead Nurturing Is Changing The Game For Dentists Everywhere

Hassan Hamid

Hassan Hamid’s Implant Patient Machine is incredibly powerful in how it generates booked financially qualified appointments. Still, there’s an incredibly powerful piece that shouldn’t be overlooked: the followup. In most situations, following up with potential patients might be handled in house by your receptionist or front desk staff. When your team is left to do this work, as we’ll discover, it stops your organization from operating at their full potential.

If an agency handles your outbound followup, it’s still not an ideal situation. This is because most agencies, especially for dental practices, only follow up with potential patients or existing patients who have appointments soon. This misses out on incredible opportunities to build trust with your customers, but not to fret. Let’s look at how Implant Patient Machine can unleash the full power of follow up for your practice and how that could change the lives of your staff, the experiences of your customers, and the future of your business.

For your staff:

Saves time: 

The first significant benefit your staff will adore is all the time they will save not having to follow up with potential customers. As you might understand, getting people to show up for their initial appointments can be like…pulling teeth! The Implant Patient Machine frees up your time and the time of your staff by using their in house call center to qualify the leads, book the appointments, and nurture them to ensure that they’re ideal for your business. This extra will allow your team to focus on the activities that move the needle forward, allowing them to be more productive and your business to benefit in the process.

Lowers stress:

Whether you operate a small family-owned practice or a large company, the everyday reality of implant dentistry is seldom what you’d call relaxing. With complicated procedures, high-ticket transactions, and emotions running on high, your team doesn’t need any additional stress. The Implant Patient Machine, handles your lead nurturing by following up so you don’t have to deal with flippant patients or answer the same objection for the 140th time this week. Think of it like sound isolation for your business—cutting out all the noise so you can focus on what matters—making a massive impact on the lives of your paying customers. 

Improves satisfaction & fulfillment:

One of the greatest things your employees can feel is contentment and fulfillment in their work. According to Speakap, 79% of American workers say company culture is an important factor in job satisfaction. This is important because, when your employee’s days are focused on doing work that fails to give them meaning and spark joy, the company culture suffers. The Implant Patient Machine rectifies this by freeing your employees from the grunt work, allowing them to find more alignment, freedom, and purpose in serving patients who need transformational operations. This is a gamechanger, as it lets “best for the business” also be best for the employees and customers.

For your patients:

Builds trust:

 We believe that trust is the primary currency of any successful business. Trust (or a lack of it) is often the sole difference between losing and winning over customers, regardless of your pricepoint or service. If your practice is lacking the deep, committed trust of your clients, you might notice that your revenue is inconsistent and that every sales conversation feels unstable at best and a matter of luck at worst. Implant Patient Machine helps you build trust by qualifying your customers and following up with them in ways that are helpful and human so they feel seen, heard, and understood before they even meet you face to face for their first appointment. And if their trust in you is this high at the beginning, imagine what it can grow to become in a matter of years.
—More likely to make appointments:

Another benefit of having Hassan Hamid and his team handle your appointment bookings is that thanks to the followup and nurturing process your customers will go through, they’re more likely to make their appointments. We like to think of the chair in your appointment room as the most important piece of real estate your business has. We believe it is unfair to have to roll the dice with fickle patients who may miss their appointment for reasons that could’ve been easily prevented. Implant Patient Machine’s proprietary process of financial qualification combined with expertly-executed follow-up ensures that your customer have the knowledge and trust in you they need to show up and save their smiles.

 —Potentially healthier teeth:

You know how we talked about all that extra free time your staff will have? Imagine if you used that time with your team to follow up with your existing customers (since IPM will handle all of the incoming ones) regarding out-of-appointment wellness and touch base messages. Going this extra mile and giving your patients valuable insights and guidance during their everyday lives will build an incredible amount of trust over time and will positively benefit the quality of oral hygiene throughout your practice. That’s undoubtedly something to smile about!

For your business:

—Raised LTV (lifetime value) of customers:

Although everything we talked about above will positively impact your business, let’s talk about some of the larger patterns over time and the longterm changes you will very likely see with the Implant Patient Machine. The first thing that you’ll notice is that you’ll build a more loyal following, with your customer sticking around longer thanks to the increased level of service, support, and fulfillment thanks to your business and its employees feeling better in the daily work they do. This joy inevitably leaves its mark on your patients and it is not a mark quickly rubbed away. The intangible currency of trust in time will turn into a higher average lifetime value for each customer, further reducing your cost of acquisition over time in a beautiful (and very profitable) cycle.

—Increased referral traffic: 

A great side effect of customer retention over time is that joy is contagious and people love sharing the things that change their lives. Your delighted customers will be compelled to tell their friends and spread the great work you’re doing. Over time, by retaining customers for more extended periods and increasing your referral traffic by automatically booking qualified appointments into your calendar each and every month, you’ll have a business that scales sustainably. It might seem like a hard thing to imagine now, but in time, it can give you (and your staff) the ability to do your best work in a way that works in alignment with your ideal lifestyle.

If you’re tired of feast-or-famine marketing and are ready to experience Implant Patient Machine for yourself, they love to see how they can help you.

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