3 Entrepreneurship Lessons from WealthGap CEO John Zhang

John Zhang

Entrepreneurs don’t develop in a single day – the mindset which drives an entrepreneur to step up and rise with an innovative solution comes with an inherent sense that they’re on, right from day one. WealthGap CEO John Zhang is one such bright example of this trajectory.

In a recent interaction, John Zhang, a visionary in investments, with prior experience in real estate, outlined the three most important tenets that any budding businessperson needs to follow.

Zhang, the 27-year-old brain behind hedge fund startup WealthGap, began with a sense of self-belief, which he claims he’d had since childhood. As he shares his entrepreneurship lessons with other budding business people, having (or developing) this self-belief is the first step forward. “I know I was born to be a businessman. I enjoyed making money, and when I was in the 3rd grade, I was selling snacks, which I bought from 7/11 during recess.”

He also believes that failures do not define entrepreneurship. Instead, it’s about your perseverance and a drive for success. “Failure doesn’t matter – a single success is enough to prove your credentials. The beauty of entrepreneurship is that it doesn’t matter how many times you fail. As long as you succeed once, you’re set for life,” he said.

However, he does caution that’s it’s not an easy road. “I don’t think entrepreneurship is for everyone, though. To be an entrepreneur, you need to be willing to give up everything to work on your business and be prepared to fail. That takes away from the comfort and certainty that comes with a regular job,” he added.

For those who do come through, Zhang said, it’s a passionate path. “I think entrepreneurship is the freedom to set your schedule and work on something you are truly passionate about.”

His third mantra? Market and market well. “I think marketing is the key to my company’s success. From the first day, I know that to succeed, it’s not just about the portfolio’s performance, but raising assets under management (AUM)s. Most people don’t understand finance or the value that I bring to them. ” The way to do this and do it effectively is with a targeted marketing campaign.

The three lessons for entrepreneurship hold steady for most millennials seeking a career in business. Even as Zhang reworks his next steps in the wake of the COVID crisis, he’s ready to share his insights with the larger group to enable their success graphs.


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