How To Get Into NYU Tisch: Mike Yang

Mike Yang

Wenjie Yang, also known as Mike Yang, is a rising sophomore pursuing a BFA in acting at NYU. Yang is also an advanced violin player who started playing the violin at the age of 5 and has performed at one of the most prestigious opera houses in China. He has trained at the NYU Atlantic Acting Studio for a year and is working closely with Blues Blood on-set coach Matt Newton as well as the director of the acclaimed T. Schreiber Studio Peter Jensen.

As one of the most renowned drama schools in the world, Tisch School of the Arts has long been the dream college for many aspiring actors. It is certainly for me and I still distinctly remember my excitement the moment I received the acceptance letter. Tisch Drama provides excellent training that nurtures the actor’s talent and here are some pieces of advice I would give to prospective applicants.

The Application Process 

Before you apply, the first step is to decide whether you want to pursue musical theatre or straight acting. NYU has different auditions and requirements for the two. However, Tisch might place you in a straight acting studio even though you applied for musical theatre. The decision is entirely up to what Tisch believes is the best for you. In any case, it is important to make sure that your artistic profile is in the best shape. You should follow NYU’s instructions as to what to include in it and reference some sample resumes online.

Artistic Review 

The audition is the single most important part of the application and one that’s probably the most stressful. Like any audition, it’s always good to prepare early and start looking for material that you feel a strong connection to. To increase your chance of success, you might even want to work with an acting coach. While I advocate preparing extensively, it’s also important to not overwork your audition monologue and always explore and experiment with it. You want it to feel fresh every time you perform. There is nothing more boring than watching an actor do a line reading of the script and say his or her lines in the exact same rigid way for the 50th time. REAL people simply DON’t do that in REAL life. Remember, the judges are looking at how much freedom and potential you have as an actor. They are not looking for a final product! Just have fun and not be afraid to mess up.

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