Youssef Amir Offers Recruitment Tips to Business Owners

Massage therapist and personal trainer, Youssef Amir, talks more on the recruitment process employed by his fitness outfit, Udefy


Youssef Amir started Udefy in 2017. The primary goal of the fitness enthusiast was to help people learn about their bodies and enjoy the benefits of a good posture. In just over two years, Youssef has been able to reach tons of people in different parts of the world, leveraging the power of the internet. Youssef has become increasingly popular in recent times, a feat that can be attributed to his to his hard work and determination.

There has been increasing advocacy for physical fitness over the years. This is not surprising considering the rising number of health conditions associated with obesity and other such situations. Consequently, several fitness solutions have been developed to help fitness enthusiasts and millions of people that are concerned about their health to meet their goals. However, many of the available solutions do not necessarily meet the needs of consumers. This is where Youssef Amir has been able to make a difference in a couple of years by offering clients the diversity that is seemingly missing in many of the fitness solutions available today.

When asked about how he has been able to put together a formidable team of professionals that have consistently delivered in the last few years, Youssef singled out the importance of emotional intelligence. “I hire top talent by finding emotionally intelligent individuals. I believe it’s one of the most overlooked candidate skills. How do they communicate with their team? Do they hold themselves accountable, or do they blame other people when things go south? Are they focused? These are all things I try to base my some of my questions around in an interview process,” said Youssef Amir.

Youssef Amir and his team at Udefy are focused on helping individuals. The company offers a plethora of fitness and health solutions, such as movement assessments, personal training sessions, and massage therapy services.

Udefy has helped tons of individuals in the past couple of years to learn about their own bodies. The company helps clients to align their bodies while building joint resiliency as they get stronger and fitter. The company currently offers several programs carefully designed to suit the lifestyle and fitness goals of each client. Youssef continues to advocate for a fitter and healthier world with his unique training programs.

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