Queen Katrina Antonovich Celebrated Her Royal Birthday Bash

    Katrina Antinovich

    World-famous Luxury Interior Designer “Katrina Antonovich”, an icon in the Design world, recently celebrated her birthday on 21st July. Wishes were poured in for the world-renowned designer of modern times.

    Katrina Antonovich is who is known as one the most coveted luxury  Interior designer of the world who has a client base including the Royal Family of Dubai & almost all the top luxury brands. On this occasion, she got wishes from all of her billionaire clients and the Royal Family of Dubai.

    She was absolutely overwhelmed by the response on her birthday through all over the world. She received birthday wishes and blessings from her celebrity friends, colleagues, clients, and other people. She even posted a picture on Instagram with the caption saying she’s overwhelmed and blessed for having all such people and followers who made her birthday a beautiful one.

    Katrina also posted 2 other pictures and videos on her official Instagram account where she’s all dolled up in her gorgeous birthday outfits for her birthday, with a pretty birthday decoration. She was seen celebrating her birthday with her close people in one of the most famous and luxurious restaurants. In her pictures, the room was completely decorated, it was full of balloons and flowers. She shared many pictures of cakes with written “Queen Katrina” “Happy Birthday to the best interior designer” on it. Royalty and style definitely run in her blood, as she mentioned in her caption.

    Katrina celebrated her birthday with her family and close friends. There were changes in the plan due to the current situation but she didn’t fail to celebrate her birthday in the best way possible. Every year she sets a new bar for her birthday bash. Her fans sent her long messages wishing her birthday, blessings, and appreciating her work, pictures, and stories that were posted mentioning her good work. She is not only an amazing luxury interior designer but also a style icon for the girls. Her fans find every single way to make her feel special, many of them also sent her portraits, birthday cards, and flowers.

    Katrina is getting covered in various famous magazines of Luxury interior designing for her worldwide recognizable work. She has worked with big celebrities in the past and according to our sources, there are many upcoming projects which she’ll be working on. We wish her all the success and good luck. May her empire keep growing.

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