How Felix He aka CreditFelix Teaches Entrepreneurs to Leverage Credit

Felix He

It’s not easy knowing what to do with your finances and how to leverage credit. A helping hand is always appreciated by the people which they can trust. Felix He aka Creditfelix is one person who has been doing that for years now. With his credit repair agency called the Ivy League Credit, he has been helping businesses and consumers in fixing and optimizing their credit.

The source of his success lies in this passion and curiosity. Felix is someone who does not believe in procrastinating. His work mantra is to keep working instead of dreading about it. Felix says that your passion is an important part of loving what you do and your curiosity helps you in growing continuously.

In the past 2 years, his company disputed over $2 million in negative disputes, collections and bankruptcies accounts. Within a few months, he has served over 207 entrepreneurs and helped his members get over $2,500,000 in 0% interest credit. The young man also has a funding department which helps people access credit at 0% APR and invest in various streams of income.

Felix He talks about making his name in this industry as he recalled his early days. “I enrolled in a number of programmes to understand each mentors’ thought process and approach in the credit and wealth building space during the early stages of my journey. While doing that, I realized relationships and building a network plays an important role in growing a brand and business,” he said adding that he used to personally attend seminars and workshops.

The young man currently has a 12-week training program in process which is being designed to teach people about the fundamentals of credit building, benefits optimization, travel hacking and ultimately wealth-income building.

He himself has faced a lot of obstacles in his life, especially at the stage where he wanted to start his career. That is the primary reason why he understands the needs of the people. Advising everyone about managing their finances, he says, “As an entrepreneur and investor, your objective is to find an investment or business that you can commit your money to bring a return greater than what you have to pay back plus interest to the bank. That’s why building your credit is so important in your early years.”

Explaining the logic of the same, he says that with great credit you’ll be able to leverage the bank’s money to fund any ventures you may have or in general apply for loans. But he also stresses on the need of having a plan in place in order to get successful.

Felix has always stayed true to his words. His priority has always been his clients and the money as he says that money comes and goes, but your brand and relationships with others stay forever.

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