How to Get Involved in the Equestrian World

Young girl riding a horse - Image -
Young girl riding a horse - Image -

Taking part in the equestrian world is extremely fulfilling, whether you want to have a meaningful bond with your own horse, experience the thrills of riding, or are interested in the sporting opportunities that horses offer. However, knowing how to get involved can be difficult, and so this guide brings together some of the best ways that you can find your place in equestrian activities and the vocation to suit you.

Invest in and Train Your Own Horse

The first option that most horse lovers look at when considering how to participate in the equestrian world is investing in and training their own horse. This can be an exciting prospect for all involved. It gives you the opportunity to form a bond with a horse, take care of it, and have the chance to ride it whenever you wish. However, this is not the right commitment for everyone, and it is important that you ensure that you invest in a horse that suits your needs and the activities that you want to perform. You will also need to know how to ride and care for a horse, and that you know whether leasing or buying a horse is the right option for you.

Learn to Ride

Before you even consider buying a horse, though, it is important that you learn how to ride so that you can establish whether the equestrian world is something that you enjoy and whether you will be able to care for the horse appropriately. Learning to ride takes around 2 years, although the length of time it takes differs for every individual, and is also dependant on how much time you have as an adult to do this. To learn to ride, you should hire a professional and experienced riding instructor that you trust and who can deliver the basic instruction to you before you consider buying or leasing a horse on a more permanent basis.

Bet on Horse Racing

However, if you want to enjoy the thrills of horse racing and sports but do not believe that riding or owning a horse is right for you, riding is not your only option. In fact, many individuals who love horses choose to bet on horse riding events for fun. This allows them to engage and keep up with the equestrian community without the commitment that horse riding yourself demands. Betting apps are one of the best ways to bet on horse racing, as they allow you to bet on the event from any location, whether you are at the stables, watching the race live, or relaxing in the comfort of your own home.

Volunteer at a Stables or at Sporting Events

The cost of owning a racehorse or horse can be huge, and for many people, the commitment is too much to dedicate themselves to on a routine basis. If this is the case, you should look at volunteering at a stable or a sporting event near you whenever possible instead. This can be a great option for people with other commitments, as volunteering usually means that you can work around your schedule, allowing you to seamlessly combine your love for horses with other factors, such as work and family. Whether you want to volunteer with big horse societies, or at events, a number of great and easy-to-apply-for opportunities are available to peruse online.

Attend Horse Racing Sporting Events

If you want to experience the magic of the races, though, the best action that you can take is to book tickets to one of the largest horse racing events in America and beyond. These include events such as the Kentucky Derby, which is famed globally, and the Belmont Stakes, which will allow you to get a true insight into the world of horsing racing, allowing you to enjoy the thrills and support your favorite horses. There are also impressive events worldwide for you to enjoy on a vacation, such as Ascot in the UK, which attracts many of the rich and famous.

Consider a Career in Farriery

Lastly, if horses are your life, why not consider a career in farriery? There are many careers that relate to horses that you could consider, and these include horse trainers, equine vets, stallion managers, and even jockeys. These careers allow you to dedicate your life to horses, while also learning about them as much as possible. You can even get an Equine Science Degree to help you to progress your career in the equestrian industry.


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