Best Silver men’s Designer Necklaces

Best Silver men's Designer Necklaces

925 Sterling Silver French Horn Pendant Charm Necklace Musical Man Fine Jewelry Gift For Dad Mens For Him

A sterling silver French horn will make an unusual and pertinent necklace for any music lovers in your life. Bonus points if they actually do play the French horn! The one drawback to this particular necklace is that it is bigger than the norm – and due to the design of the French horn itself, will likely stick out in some places. It is an eye-catching piece, and the antiquated look the silver has will definitely make it stand out even more whenever you decide to wear it.

925 Sterling Silver Raptor Pendant Charm Necklace Animal Dinosaur Man Fine Jewelry Gift For Dad Mens For Him

Who doesn’t love dinosaurs?!  This is the perfect piece for anybody who still holds a soft spot for their childhood love of dinosaurs, for moviegoers who love Jurassic Park, or paleontologists. It is made of sterling silver, but don’t worry about the pendant is too heavy on the neck – it isn’t a solid casting, but has the back carved out. This dinosaur will look very good in any circumstances and is sure to start more than one conversation. Wear your dinosaur love with pride; everybody who sees your necklace will love it.

925 Sterling Silver Peace Symbol Pendant Charm Necklace Man Fine Jewelry Gift For Dad Mens For Him

Something a bit simpler, this peace sign is made of solid sterling silver and will make a fine necklace for anybody. You could give it to an older family member as a remembrance of their hippy youth, or use it to show off your own crunchy sensibilities! The diamond-cut method used to create this necklace shows the attention to detail – when you look at the pendant up close you can see the way that cut out markings have been used to create the illusion of material wrapped many times around a circle.

925 Sterling Silver Skis Pendant Charm Necklace Sports Skiing Snowboarding Man Fine Jewelry Gift For Dad Mens For Him

This necklace is a pair of skis, but it is subtle enough that it could be used as a jewelry piece in any formal events you might need to attend, as well as informal ones. Where jewelry is normally used to dress ‘up’ or ‘down’ any particular outfit, this necklace is the opposite – it is made formal or informal by the clothes you wear it with. These sterling silver skis are very good for anybody who wants a relatively subtle look for their jewelry, but also wants to have something unusual.

925 Sterling Silver Alligator Necklace Chain Slide Pendant Charm Animal Crocodile Man Fine Jewelry Gift For Dad Mens For Him

The most amusing part of this necklace may be the fact that the chain for it goes through the alligator’s mouth. A solid piece, this is made of sterling silver that is polished to a high shine, the better to contrast with the antique finish on the alligator’s back. The scales are rendered in 3D, so if you or anybody else touches them, you will feel the contrast, as well as being able to see it. This necklace is sure to get lots of attention from the people around you whenever you wear it!

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