What Makes Stelian Balta the Unicorn Entrepreneur and Investor in the Technology Industry

Stelian Balta

Stelian Balta is the founder and CEO of HyperChain Capital, a digital assets management and investment company, one of the first in the world, focused on web 3.0 projects and the development of decentralized protocols.

COVID-19 has changed the way that we look at the world in so many ways. Multiple industries took a big blow as a result of the global pandemic, including all things finance. Stelian Balta, entrepreneur and crypto innovator, is a big time investor in the tech industry and believes that decentralised initiatives, such as crypto technologies, are truly the future of money.

Starting his impressive career at the young age of sixteen, Balta began by designing mobile games and had established this company by his first year of college, meaning he could drop out and focus on his own projects. In 2013, after five years of working in the gaming industry, he sold his games company and began investing in blockchain technologies, and that is really where it all began for him.

With contactless transactions now becoming mandatory in most establishments due to the Coronavirus pandemic, crypto currency could really be the way forward. Balta invested in many businesses including one of the most prominent decentralised projects Ethereum (ETH) and Bitcoin, and also in other blockchain companies such as Kyber Network, Block.One, Wax, so he certainly knows his way around the crypto ecosystem. With this kind of knowledge and experience, it is no surprise to learn that he has founded one of the first digital assets management companies in the world of its kind, HyperChain Capital. Calling this the ‘new economy’, Balta and HyperChain Capital are truly paving the way for a new world in finances. Over the next two years, Balta says he will be investing approximately $50 million dollars into the blockchain ecosystem, signing off what could be a whole new era for the way we look at money.

“HyperChain team is carrying out an operational risk assessment with the focus on how reliable is the technology or the product that a certain team has developed. We are not investing in plans, we look for great teams having something built with a great vision. There is a lot of risk in this nascent market, so careful due diligence is very important. Our  investment strategy implies management of a diversified portfolio.” Stelian explains in a recent interview on Startup Fortune.

Not only is Balta on his way to conquering the world of finances, he is also a dedicated philanthropist. His company HyperChain Capital has been a huge help in the fight against COVID-19 – donating PPE and medical equipment to hospitals and healthcare workers in countries that were hit particularly hard by the pandemic, and also sourcing testing kits for these hospitals. This comes as no shock as HyperChain’s philosophy is to ‘do good’ – Stelian Balta really has shown that he is not only business savvy, but also kind and giving. A true leader of a new era.

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