Flawless Diamond Co. and Nicholas Flathau: The Transformation of a Young Boy into a Man

Flawless Diamonds

At a young age, not many have a journey as exhilarating as Nicholas Flathau. The youthful textbook football star who was tipped for success in his Varsity team has dealt with big changes, but he has come out of these situations with his head held high. With Flawless Diamonds Co. by his side, the entrepreneur is paving a clear road for wishful business enthusiasts.

Nicholas earned his living by working in a grocery store, then in an interjecting molding factory, followed by a construction site. He started living on his own at the age of 17 and continued doing so till 22. After a brief medical background in college, he took up work in a nursing home for 2 years. In the year 2016, he decided to start his own business.

Having finally found his fuel, the young and driven businessman rose to glory.

With passion and a never say never attitude, Nicholas risked everything he had to become a successful entrepreneur. Slowly with time, he learned the art of digital marketing. All the toil and trauma paid off, and in 2018 he made his first million with his AT&T business.

Mesmerized by the craftsmanship of a jeweler in Dallas, Texas, he soon persuaded him into mentoring his growth in the jewelry business. Turning his hobby into a passion by launching Flawless Diamonds Co., in 2019, he started his research on the quality of diamonds and learned the art of designing them digitally for his customers. He wanted every piece to be unique and stellar. Directly from the source, cutting the middleman, he started producing pieces in Chicago and Dallas. The skill led to the vocation turning into a vacation soon as business began to flourish.

Presently, Nicholas Flathau owns 3 businesses – AT&T franchise, Flawless diamonds co, and Real Estate, and has provided the needed support to his family. Having secured his daughter’s future, his honesty and character are the main sources of the wealth that he possesses today. The respect that he shares with his client is commendable. Basic core values have led to the exponential success of Flawless Diamonds Co.

After learning the art of marketing on social media, Nicholas learned a lot about the quality of diamonds, the craftsmanship, and the gold that goes into each piece keenly. He became the direct dealer of Diamond and gold products and learned the art of jewelry from his mentor. He works with the best hand-craftsmanship and the quality of the diamonds used is nothing short of the best in every piece. One of the most striking features of Flawless Diamonds even today is that corners are never cut in the business and quality is assured.

The company uses the best quality of diamonds. When dealing with customers, no sugar coating is ever required as their work speaks for themselves. They do not have a lot of inventory to factor in the price of the jewelry, and therefore, they maintain budget-friendly jewelry for their clients. Along with this, they even maintain a fast and steady customer feedback structure. This is because Flawless Diamonds Co. understands that its relationship with its clients goes beyond a sales receipt. As Flawless specializes in custom made designs for the client, each product is unique and precious, topped with their seal.

The face behind this fine custom jewelry initiative believes that the best way to achieve exceptional quality is by learning to sacrifice your time for your business. Therefore, by working 7 days a week and 18 hours a day, Flawless Diamonds truly strives to live up to its name every day. Be it short term or long term goals, Flawless works hard to achieve this every day. The team members push themselves to think out of the box and improve their strategy from time to time.

Flathau is also coming out with a new business idea. The brand will now be trying to catch the clothing market with t-shirts, hoodies, long sleeves, tank tops, and various other products. Several existing and new clients have already shown interest in their new business, and one can only speculate the eventual rise of Nicholas and his ventures.

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