Below Deck Med Charter Guest Jane Zhao Claps Back at Online Trolls Over Low Tip

Jane Zhao

Charter Guest Jane Zhao from Below Deck Mediterranean defended her and other guest’s tips despite the crew’s disappointment.

Sadly, the yacht ended up being docked for the entire charter because of the weather. When Captain Sandy Yawn finally found an opportunity to leave, a guest and a deckhand who threw the wrong line prevented the charter from leaving which left some guests upset.

The crew worked tirelessly to entertain the guests creating a poker room one afternoon and having a picnic on the nearby beach.

With the crew left with little options to entertain the guests, the guests were rightfully distraught especially after paying for the luxury charter that ended up going nowhere.

Fans of the show took to Reddit to discuss the recent episodes and debated if the tips given by the guests were unacceptable.

Was the tip inadequate?

According to charter guest Jane Zhao who appeared alongside Justin Thornton and Leon Glore, the charter was discounted for the show. “However [the] tip is based on full price of the normal yacht charter and we tipped 24%” added Zhao via her confirmed Reddit account.

A user on reddit followed up and asked how it felt seeing that the tip amount was revealed on TV which isn’t typically shown.

User xoxo52 added “…that’s not really a justification for being so incredibly rude and demanding, inconsiderate of the staff’s limitations, staying up etc etc and then leaving such a small tip. So gross”

Zhao then explained that despite being docked the entire time, they kept a good attitude and invited people to keep it interesting. “Good thing we did, otherwise how bored we [would] be docked there the entire trip while spending that kind of money.” Yacht charters are not cheap by a long shot, imagine paying $200,000+ to be chartered in a private yacht in the ocean on vacation, only to be told you can’t go anywhere you paid to go. We can sympathize with that frustration.

Zhao definitely clapped back to the trolls and provided a level headed justification.

Furthermore, Justin Thorton posted a redacted screenshot via Facebook and Reddit that Bravo’s producers emailed each guest before the show which confirms that the producers asked for $15k as the standard tip.

The crew certainly thought they’d be well compensated considering their amount of ingenuity. But that doesn’t seem to be the case, based on the crew’s reaction to Captain Sandy Yawn’s tip presentation.

Yawn says the crew received $17,000 in total and the crew looked very unhappy with some seen shaking their heads. The $17,000 tip comes out to about $1,277 per person in tip money. Below Deck Med producers flashed on the screen that the average tip is usually $20,000.

Needless to say, the crew looked defeated.

Did Jane Zhao Have a Fling With A Random Girl From the Club? Who is she really? Is she a Badass or Just a Bad Guest?

A recent video surfaced of Jane slapping a girl’s ass while on board the boat. Is that shocking behavior? The relatively well behaved guest doesn’t strike us as someone who would engage in such behavior. But the leak definitely shows a different side of Jane.  See the leak  which was uploaded to a brand new Youtube account called “Below Deck Leaks”. We wonder what other leaks will surface?

And then Zhao told Leo to STFU over his oyster quarrel with Hannah in episode 5. So we don’t know what to think about her. Is she a badass or a bad guest?

Her Instagram reveals little about her personality other than her love for travel. We wonder if the anonymous girl she spanked will be making cameos on Jane’s Instagram from now on.

Whatever went down when the cameras weren’t rolling is between the guest and them. We’ll just have to speculate until more leaks or info comes to light.

And whether or not you agree with the tip amount or not, we can all say the “demanding group” weren’t as demanding as we thought.

What did you think of the tip, the “bad” behavior, and Jane’s responses?

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