Antoin Commane “Ecommerce has officially Won the Game”

Antoin Commane
Antoin Commane

During the global Coronavirus pandemic, millions of consumers have started to move away from the traditional way of shopping for goods, in favour of buying online. While we are now well on our way to returning to a new kind of everyday life, we are still very much in the throes of an e-commerce boom. The verdict is clear – shopping online is the easiest, safest, and most efficient way to buy almost anything that you need.

There has been a sharp increase in online purchases across almost every category of goods, with companies such as Amazon reporting a boost of 26% within their first quarter.

“There’s never been a better time to sell the products and services online, the timing has never been better,” explains Antoin Commane. Commane is the owner of Coveria, a highly successful digital marketing agency. “The e-commerce boom is well underway, and is expected to continue through 2023 – possible even beyond that.”

Coveria is taking advantage of the “new normal”, using the changes in the way that consumers shop to help a wide portfolio of businesses. The agency has quickly come up with exciting ways to adapt to developments in consumer habits.

Antoine Commane
Antoin Commane

“At Coveria, our clients have been profiting from the huge amounts of low-cost traffic available through Google and Facebook right now, as local businesses have cut their advertising budgets. Now is the time to put together that offer that you have always wanted to launch, or get that online store up and running.”

Through Coveria, many businesses have been able to rapidly scale to 7 or even 8 figures, even helping one business scale up to $300,000 in just 90 days. Commane believes that, if you have the knowledge to do so, you can use paid traffic to take your business to heights you wouldn’t have thought possible.

“Advertising is a craft,” he said, “Facebook ads will work if you learn to use them properly. You have to diversify your adverts, be visible, and stay visible.”

Commane believes that the key to this is to join the “new breed of businesses”, who aren’t operating out of huge city offices or spending fortunes on television and billboard advertising.

“New breed businesses don’t require VC funding or investors and giving away equity, we scale our clients at profit. At Coveria, we believe in using the power of metrics and targeting to scale a business – and we’ve got it down to a science. The new breed of businesses understands the modern sales process.”

With the effects of the pandemic and the e-commerce boom expected to last for several years, now is the perfect time to join the “new breed of businesses”, and familiarise yourself with the techniques needed to promote your business to potential customers – and to transform those potential customers into guaranteed sales. There has never been a better time to start your online business – and with the right help and understanding, it could thrive.

For more information on Antoin Commane’s businesses visit Coveria ( and DDW ( influencer magazine.

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