Sway Society & Manuel Marinari


Sway Society is a Taiwan based Digital Marketing Agency, operated by Manuel Marinari (the Founder). This agency helps both individuals and businesses to develop their online presence successfully. And these are done by content creation, social media management, and influencer marketing KOL.

Here are some details about the services offered by this company:

  • Social Media Marketing: In this service, Sway Society helps its clients to connect with potential customers, launch promotional campaigns, increase awareness about their brands, and boost the sales and leads through its micro-influencers’ network and different social platforms.
  • Social Media Management: With this service, Sway Society helps individuals, different brands, and businesses to reach out to their potential clients online. Besides, Sway Society also helps to maintain and improve their online reputation by keeping the profiles updated while maintaining the latest trends.
  • Content Creation: The experts of Sway Society are well aware of the fact that online contents matter a lot in defining an individual or a business. So, they take the best care to ensure that the profiles of the clients are maintained carefully with eye-catching videos and photos.

What Makes This Company A Popular Choice?

  1. This company only employs certified experts: Sway Society only includes professional designers, marketing experts, and influencers. Therefore, the energies of these dynamic, young, and energetic people can promote client businesses across the globe.
  2. This company only offers top-notch services: Sway Society always focuses on the latest trends in the field of business. So, the services offered by this brand are based on the major social media platforms with the highest ratio of engagement/audience. At the same time, this company rigorously follows the needs of the clients.
  3. This company offers services at cost-effective rates: With Sway Society services, therefore you can grab the best deal from this company at an affordable rate. Besides, you can enjoy a discount and other important benefits by choosing to bulk up the services.

Few Words About Manuel Marinari:

Born and brought up in Milan, Italy, Manuel Marinari is an entrepreneur. He left Italy and travelled the world ending up in Taiwan. His brand Sway Society helps the public figures and the brands to develop their content as well as to grow the audience successfully. The company started to pool the prospective micro-influencers. And now it is working with renowned athletes and public figures across the globe.

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