Ways to Make Money During COVID-19 Using the Internet

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Coronavirus, “shelter in place,” quarantine — all have become euphemisms for “bad economy.” You’ve likely been impacted financially by the virus that’s claiming hundreds of thousands of lives in the U.S. alone. Even though most people go to the doctor once each year, many of us are tempted to go more. 

In addition to making sure you’re staying healthy physically, you want to find a way to get healthy again, financially speaking. Here are seven ways to make money during COVID-19 using the internet.

1. Take and Post Pictures

You’ve heard of stock images before, certainly — maybe you used them in your last job or, perhaps, you’ve just noticed them in viral memes. Where do you think these photos come from? 

Maybe you thought you had to be a professional photographer to have your images posted to stock photo sites like Getty Images and Shutterstock, but you don’t! Just upload your pictures to these sites and get paid every time someone downloads one. If you want to improve your photoshop skills, rely on online tutorials to add a few tools to your arsenal.

2. Teach ESL

You don’t have to be a certified teacher to teach English as a second language. You just have to be a native or fluent English speaker yourself (which, you are if you’re reading this article!). Use the skills that come naturally to you by teaching English online with organizations like iTutorGroup and VIP Kids.

3. Tutor

In-person schooling has come to a grinding halt, but students are still expected to keep up with their studies. Many college students choose in-person lectures over online classes because the environment is more conducive to their learning style, which means they need even more assistance with their studies than before. After all, most of their in-person classes are completely virtual. 

Make extra cash and help a student out by becoming an online tutor on Varsity Tutor or another similar site. College prep schools typically have a ratio of 12 students per every one teacher making this a manageable class size online. 

4. Type

Basically everything we do is online these days — even more so, now that many careers, hangouts, and classes have gone virtual. You may have already been a pretty quick typist B.C. (before coronavirus), but now your skills have likely been improved. You can make money by typing quickly when you become a freelance transcriber, which involves listening to recordings and typing out what the speakers are saying.

5. Take Surveys

Did you know your opinions are valuable? So valuable, in fact, that companies will pay you for them. If you’re hoping to earn some extra cash in quarantine, you can do so by taking online surveys or performing user testing on new apps and websites like Valued Opinions, Survey Junkie, User Testing, and Beta Testing.

6. Become a Personal Trainer

The fitness industry has adapted quickly and successfully to quarantine and “shelter in place” mandates. Now group classes and personal training sessions can be done virtually with little to no interruption to the flow of the program. 

As a result, fitness professionals can maintain a bright future — as long as they’re offering something unique. The trouble with these virtual classes is that they can be taken anywhere in the world, which means celebrity-level fitness instructors and life coaches are dipping into regional client bases for smaller gyms. Set yourself apart by getting certified in a niche personal training field, like the special needs fitness trainer certification at Strong Education.

7. Try Your Hand at Investing

Investing in real estate and stocks might be a little out of your wheelhouse, especially if you have never done it before. However, as many as 84% of people who have invested in real estate in the past claim that they would love to do it again. 

Try relying on a real estate investment app like Fundrise or try supporting local businesses to see your efforts pay off in real time. 

Making money during the time of COVID-19 can be hard, especially if you’re working as a freelancer or juggling responsibilities as a parent. By following these tips, you can stay safe and hopefully, make a little money on the side during this unprecedented time.


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