Canada’s Casino Industry Continues to Soar

The Niagara Fallsview Casino
The Niagara Fallsview Casino

Surprising as it may seem for what is considered one of the most open and advanced countries in the world, gambling and casino gaming in Canada has only become widely accepted since 1969. This was the year in which changes were made to laws, permitting provinces and territories throughout the country to have more control over gambling legislature.

Beginning with regional lotteries, which quickly became hugely popular, many provinces and territories later became even more permissive, embracing additional gambling activities such as ticket lotteries, sports betting, and commercially operated casinos. Indeed, the arrival of casinos in most provinces has boosted local economies, created additional employment, and brought additional tourism.

Famous Canadian Casino Destinations

These days there are more than 100 casinos operating throughout Canada, within the ten provinces and three territories. Indeed, the only places where you won’t find casinos are Newfoundland and Labrador, where casino-style gaming still remains illegal. Lotteries and betting at racetracks are permitted in those regions, however, to play casino games like roulette and poker at a land-based venue, you’ll want to look at other locations.

Ontario is the province that has embraced the casino culture with most optimism, eager to welcome tourists and Canadian residents alike. Several are expansive resort casinos, including Casino Niagara and the Niagara Fallsview Casino Resort, both of which offer magnificent views over the iconic natural wonder. If that marvelous view isn’t enough, there’s a wide selection of the most popular casino games, alongside plenty of other entertainment and dining options.

Beautiful inside and out this is the Casino in Montreal
Beautiful inside and out this is the Casino in Montreal

Several casinos in Canada are located close to tourist hotspots and are visited by both locals and tourists.

Elsewhere in Ontario, Casino Rama is operated by First Nations tribes and located in Orillia, just north of Toronto. The casino itself remains a popular attraction, although live music is arguably the biggest draw to this venue. Many of the most famous musical acts have performed here over the years, and continue to do so, which means you’ll need to be quick booking tickets when concert dates are announced.

Hopping across to the neighbouring province of Quebec, the picturesque locale of Charlevoix is home to the historic Manoir Richelieu. Highly rated on TripAdvisor, this resort offers exquisite dining and a whole array of activities throughout the year, all within a spectacular setting. If a modern and urban setting is more your scene, head to Notre Dame Island and Casino de Montréal, which is the biggest in Canada since opening in 1993.

The Attraction of Online Casino Gaming

For those of us who don’t want to visit or stay at one of Canada’s many casino destinations, yet still want to enjoy our favourite games whilst traveling through this wonderful country, that’s not a problem. Whether you’re visiting the Great White North from a distant land or a resident Canuck, playing online casino games is entirely possible wherever you are.

Thanks to rapidly improving communications technology in recent years, more Canadians have access to fast and reliable internet connections than ever before, either at home or via mobile devices. This has also led to a huge growth in participation at online casinos, even in locations like Newfoundland and Labrador, because while land-based casinos are still prohibited in those regions, accessing online casinos is entirely legal.

Online Casino

Despite some locations having local restrictions on land-based casinos, accessing an online casino anywhere in the country is legal.

Accessibility is a key advantage for any reputable online casino, and while they must also be fully licensed by international bodies governing the gaming industry, the ability to offer a broader choice of casino games and bonus offers makes online venues even more appealing. Essentially, players have no need to travel and they can play games from any location, any time of day, and in complete privacy.

Choice and variety are also important factors. The leading online casinos can offer literally thousands of games, given they aren’t limited by the physical size of a land-based venue. In the virtual realm of an online casino, it’s not uncommon to find thousands of different slots, all with different styles and themes.

Canadian Casino Culture in the Future

While there’s nothing quite as spectacular as exploring everything that Canada has to offer, shifting consumer behaviour is increasingly shaping how the casino industry will evolve in the coming years. Online casinos may often be regarded as competition for their land-based counterparts, although demand for the physical experience and human interaction still remains strong. People still enjoy traveling and visiting great locations.

Indeed, with regional governments throughout Canada more open to changes in legislature, land-based and online casinos look set to enjoy continued growth, bringing consumers the best of both worlds and a greater level of choice than ever before. Whether you prefer playing roulette at a swanky casino or from the comfort of your own home, our options look set to be further enhanced in the coming years.

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