Sporting Events The World Looks Forward to Each Year

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There is no shortage of sporting fans across the world and they have plenty of chances throughout the year to show their support for their favourite teams, players and leagues. One way you can support your favourite sport is with their lucky 15 predictions to back your favourite team or player. But some of them are popular with not just avid fans but catch the attention of a large portion of the population, here are some of the sporting events the world looks forward to each year, here’s your chance to mark them in your calendar.

The Grand National  

As April rolls around, millions of people, an average of 600 million to be more exact, watch the Grand National, whether that be in the stands or at home on the television. For 181 years, the event has been loved by racing enthusiasts and as the years have gone on it has become more appealing to the racers themselves as it is now the richest race in Europe with a pure of a million pounds, with over half of that going home with the winner of the race.

As the years have gone on the race has also become more of a thrill to watch as it really pushes the competitors to show their skill with a track that stretches the distance on 4 miles and 514-yards, with 30 fences to clear over the two laps, making for riveting races.


There is no tennis tournament like Wimbledon and it is possibly one of the best sporting vents in general for many reasons, such as its history, class and show of pure sporting talent that leads to over 3 million people tuning in to see just that. Wimbledon lasts two-weeks each June-July and much like other famous events, it is popular not just with fans but also with many celebrities and even members of the royal family grace the stands.

The Super Bowl

In the USA and Canada, American football is one of the most popular sports and the NFL is the fans favourite and when it comes to the Super Bowl, people from all over the world tune in for the passion of both the athletes and fans, not to mentions the specialised adverts and amazing half-time show that has included some of the most famous artists in music, such as Beyonce, Bruno Mard and many more. Each year, no less than 100 million people watch the Super Bowl and they are from all over the world.

The FIFA World Cup

When it comes to sport, it’s undeniable that football is the most popular sport across the world and the World Cup may not be the best display of football talent, but it is without a doubt the most-watched event in the sport. 32 teams from all over the world compete for the champion title, making for blissful weeks of football that are loved by both avid fans and even those that are less than interested in the sport, adding up to around half of the world population watching the event at some point during its duration.

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