inheritance AI is Creating a More Beautiful Future with the Development of Digital Humans


Artificial Intelligence or AI has emerged as a scientific phenomenon where a machine can perform tasks and/or replicate the intelligence of a human. In the AI maturation model the progression of artificial general intelligence to artificial super intelligence/conscious AI is still undefined.  Furthermore, AI researchers are split on the pros and cons that these self-aware machines may provide.

Companies like Kernel and Elon Musk’s Neuralink are creating the hardware and software for humans to easily interact with computers by simply thinking about it.  This ability to control technology by thinking about it is no easy task as it will require a brain mesh inserted between your skull and  brain (@Neuralink) or a non-invasive brain mesh worn on your head (@Kernel)

These advanced technologies would generate the first generation of Cyborgs or what some are calling “homosapien X”. These cyborgs will be humans who have non device related links to the internet of everything.

In concert with the efforts of Kernel and Nueralink is the approach taken by inheritance AI which focuses on the creation of authentic digital humans created by readily available technological means. The creation of these digital copies of humans allow humans to be inserted into the progression of AI indefinitely.

Kernel and Neuralink are working towards the human and tech integration of AI, via specific hardware, whereas inheritance AI is focused on accurately preserving the individual agnostic to what hardware interface is used  to connect to the digital world.

inheritance AI’s proposal is based on copying human subjects immediately and making the subject’s experience and the unique decision logic of the subject machine-readable. The machine readable version of the subject will exist beyond the subject’s lifetime, the subject may no longer be living but the digital version of the subject will function indefinitely.

Adding digital human models to the existing learning capabilities of general artificial intelligence is what inheritance Lead Designer Vincent Peters believes will ultimately lead to the evolution of Super Digital Intelligence. Peters goes on to state, “inheritance AI ask the question what can we do right now to preserve and protect the human experience to create a more beautiful future?  People who leave this earth today, tomorrow or next week do not benefit from future innovations they need innovation today and the innovation of today is what inheritance provides.”

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