Chris Hughes on How He Helped E-commerce Websites Cope with Traffic Amidst COVID-19


The COVID-19 virus has been tough on businesses, especially those who operate out of brick and mortar locations. During this time, many have worked to migrate online to take takeout orders, sell their merchandise to customers remotely, and stay relevant to their customer base. Chris Hughes, the founder MintWP and RedLettuce, has helped these businesses create an online presence, cope with traffic, and sustain through the uncertainty of COVID-19.

Starting and sustaining an e-commerce business can be quite challenging. Through MintWP, Chris and his team have helped numerous businesses cope with challenges during the pandemic. From creating, upgrading, and maintaining WordPress websites, to technical support and guidance, Chris helped several businesses to deal with the massive increase in traffic. Chris explained, “With the whole world in an indefinite lockdown, e-commerce experienced a huge increase in traffic and transactions. We did our best to help e-commerce businesses at this crucial juncture.”

It can be challenging to streamline a website or e-commerce platform under normal circumstances, let alone during COVID-19. “During the pandemic, essential supplies, medical products, and safety equipment become essential. E-commerce helped things together, and we made sure we kept our client’s WordPress websites in optimum condition.”

Hughes also founded Red Lettuce, a company that brings a fresh look to WordPress plugins. Chris and his team selected the best plugins available. Business owners can improve UI, enhance customer experience, and boost sales, and leverage several automated features.

Hughes has countless success stories from small businesses during the COVID-19 crisis. In a time when the world needed to stand together in solidarity, Chris and his team worked around the clock to ensure that e-commerce businesses stood firm. Together, services like MintWP and Red Lettuce can help both customers and business owners flourish during the pandemic and beyond.

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