Ludovico Cianchetta Vazquez, Founder of BnB Academy Fears No Competition

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Ludovico Cianchetta Vazquez, 24, (@nudovico) is widely recognized as the “Guru of Airbnb’ in Europe and has taught over 600 people from around the world how to start their own Airbnb businesses. He has been featured in Forbes Italy and has grown an incredible following, with thousands of people seeking to learn his keys to a successful business.

Vazquez has made the bulk of his fortune leasing properties and listing them on Airbnb. Using advanced marketing techniques, he crafted a method to successfully list high-converting properties on Airbnb, paying the rent of several properties, and turning huge profits.

“I knew I was on the right track when I started making huge profits from properties on Airbnb and people were happy to pay to stay in beautiful houses,” said Vazquez.

He got into the Airbnb business at just the right time and feels he has cornered a very valuable market.

“I entered an empty market and created in less than one year an incredibly successful company. That’s why it will be difficult for everyone to enter and compete with me in this field of market,” said Vazquez.

The young entrepreneur credits much of his success to the boundless potential for wealth creation in the tourism industry.

“Everywhere and anywhere people will always need a place to sleep,” said the young entrepreneur.

Many of Vazquez’s peers began to ask how he was able to earn such a comfortable living while still having the time to travel the world at his leisure. This inspired him to create BnB Academy.

BnB Academy provides step-by-step guidance to entrepreneurs wanting to build their own Airbnb businesses.

With BnB Academy, students can enter the amazing market Airbnb provides without investing any money or owning a house. The academy helps its students earn jaw-dropping numbers by teaching them to manage properties and giving them a percentage of the profits.

“Let’s imagine an $800 profit per apartment with no investments. Thanks to my techniques a person can easily build a portfolio of ten apartments in a couple of months. That’s $8000 per month,” said Vazquez.

He teaches his students to automatize every piece of their Airbnb businesses, allowing them to earn money while never leaving their laptops.

Many of Vazquez’s students find it hard to believe they can make such good money without directly responding to a boss, so he takes extra time teaching his students to develop a successful mindset.

“My biggest challenge was to convert the mindset of my students. Most of them were used to working five days a week, from early morning to late afternoon, and could not understand the possibility of earning large amounts of money without constantly working,” said Vazquez.

The guru of Airbnb doesn’t just teach the short-term rental market. He has partnered with fellow businessman Francesco Crema to launch Book Academy, a course that teaches its students how to make money selling books written by ghostwriters on Amazon.

With so many of his students achieving great success with BnB Academy, many of Book Academy’s clients have been taught by Vazquez before.

Vazquez is determined to build a legacy as the world’s greatest online business and marketing teacher and he will not stop until he achieves that goal.

To learn more about Vazquez and the luxurious lifestyle he has created, be sure to follow him @nudovico.

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