Treat Yourself to Spa Sciences


Spa Sciences has been around for some time now and has led itself on a journey to popularity with its notable high-end skincare tools sold for affordable prices. They continue to grow by adding new products to help its clientele grow with them.

“I have this big project coming up with one of my retailers and honestly we are all so excited here at Spa Sciences. I can’t say much on it right now, just know that I am so confident that it will be big for us here at Spa Sciences.  I am also working on launching a couple of new skincare tools for Spa Sciences (The LOLA sonic lip plumper and the ISLA sonic face roller) and upgrading a few of our originals like the MIO.”

As bigger plans for the business grow rapidly, Michael Friend, owner of Spa Sciences isn’t thinking about slowing down anytime soon:

“Right now retirement is not a thought as I believe that as an entrepreneur you never really retire. As a creative, I think that there will always be some new project or idea that sparks my interest and I might want to turn it into a business idea or as the young kids call it today a side hustle.”

All of their products are dermatologist approved and undergo rigorous testing to make sure that they are safe enough to be used at your house and effective enough to keep all of the customers happy. The point of the business was to have tools to “bring the spa home” to allow people to get their spa facials without going out and spending tons of money a year. With only one payment of under $100 you can bring the spa to you.

Their products are currently being sold at different retail locations across the United States as well as online at their website where they offer free shipping of orders of $100 or more.

We asked Friend if he had any piece of advice for other entrepreneurs who want to get going on their own business. His advice was simple:

“Do not hesitate. Turn that passion or idea that you have into a business. There is always someone who can resonate/identify with what you have to offer or sell. There is always a need for whatever business idea you might have. Go for it and know that taking risks and chances are so important. Why live a life of regret, when you know that you can live a life knowing that you were brave enough to take that leap and follow your dreams.”

For more on Spa Science, follow them on their social media page @spasciences

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